I just miss him so much...

My Dad passed away on December 17, 2013. It was a Monday. He had been in the hospital for four months, and just the week earlier told me it was time for him to go, but he wanted me to bring my daughters so he could say goodbye. Me, my husband, and our two daughters spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday visiting with my Dad. He bravely explained to my 14 and 16 year old daughters that hospice was being called and what it meant. He told us all how much he loved us. He died Monday morning. We were the lucky ones - we had the chance to say goodbye... But the heart wrenching pain I feel is just too much. I miss my Dad. I can honesty feel my heart breaking. I miss my Dad.

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Jan 01, 2013
I just miss him so much...
by: Doreen U.K.

I am sorry for your loss of your father. The days that follow a death are just the worst kind. You are in shock and disbelief and this can last a very long time. I lost my husband of 44yrs. 8 months ago to cancer and I am still in disbelief. I keep feeling I NEED TO SEE HIM. I feel as if he has gone away on a journey. It is the worst pain ever to lose your loved ones that nurture you. It is a strong bond that is painful when severed.
If you are struggling you can see a grief counsellor who will support you through the process of loss and help take the edge off the pain of grief. My father is 91yrs. and I still have this pain to come. But I will be (I HOPE) more accepting of his death due to his age and declining health.
You will in time recover from your loss and the pain will subside. But at the moment it will feel as if your world has been blown up into pieces. You will wonder how you can go on in life without your Dad. Your father was a very astute man to put into place the plan for you all as a family to say Good-bye. It helps your grief when you have been able to do this. So many people have to live with the REGRET of not having had the opportunity to do this.

Jan 01, 2013
be strong
by: andy

i am so sorry for your loss-my dad passed away last week and the finality of knowing i will never see him again is overwhelming. The focus now is on your mom-she needs you now more than ever. All questions of how can this happen or why did this happen are normal. This happens every day in the world,but we are never ready for this to happen to us. Make your dad proud of you-that is is the best you can ever do -i am dedicating my life to being a better person and if you keep that though-how can i make my dad proud of me-that will help . I feel your pain and hope you,like me will find brightness in the future-we have to.

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