I just miss him

I did not really get my act together until after my father passed. I love and idolize him very much. He was a gentle, loving and patient man. He never gave me a bad time for being all screwed up but always just passed on his wisdom and comfort. He passed when I was 30 years old working on my last year at college. I'm 38 years old now and really wish he could have met my wife and child and seen that I turned out OK. On his death bed he was in a delirium, in and most out of consciousness. During that time he said some brutally honest things about me pertaining to my mediocrity. I just want him to see that I turned out OK and wish I could let him know how important his values were in shaping me.

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Nov 01, 2012
I just miss him
by: Anonymous

My dad passed this last February. The pain is still so fresh. He was fighting cancer for years and finally succumed to it. In the last few days to a week he was much like your dad. Mine was in and out of consciousness. Those days were brutal. He didn't know what he was saying or doing most of the time. He gave my mom (his wife) a very hard time and cursed at her. He forgot who I was several times and we were best buddys. It's hard to look past those final days. they were horrible. I prayed for him to go quickly so he wouldn't suffer. Now I feel guilty about that. Grief is a crazy thing. It takes hold and messes with your mind. Remember who your dad was before he passed and treasure what you did have. I was troubled and rebelled for most of my life as well. I know my dad had his own opinions and feelings about that, but I also know how much he loved me. That's whats important, cling to what is of value and stay in truth. If there is a heaven, he will know how you turned out and that he did well in you.

God bless!

Nov 01, 2012
I just miss him
by: Doreen U.K.

I am sorry for your loss of your Dad 8 years ago. That is the sad part of losing our parents. We wished that they could see us now and see how we turned out. How successfull life became. How happy we are.
Your father would have known that his values would have shaped you into becoming the man you were meant to be because of his input and nurturing in your life. He just may not have seen it before he passed because children just mature at a different rate than parents expect. My son is 43yrs. and neary there in maturity. But he did mature 20yrs. later than we expected. As a parent of 3 Adult children I can tell you that parents have there childrens best interests at heart and perhaps hard on children hoping they won't make the same mistakes they did. But even if parents mean well they aren't always right. Many a wise parent can learn just as much from their children. Perhaps parents should also try listening to their children. We can learn much from this and from each other.
May you be blessed with a HAPPY LIFE and may your son grow up well in this difficult world.

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