I know the "Feeling"

I grew up with a boy who moved away when we were 12.....even though we were young, I knew I liked him and that we had something special between us. Over the years into my teens, late 20's and earlier 30's I thought about him a lot..I wondered if he was married, have kids and living a good life. At times when I miss him, I would cry and try to tell myself that I shouldn't because he probably don't even remember me or think of me. As the years went by I would try to find out some information about him, but not too much to let anyone know that I had interest. Long story shot....we connected with each other by chance....a couple months ago he visited our home town and was trying to get information on me, while I was in the states trying to find information on him. He ended up not getting much info on me and I ended up leaving a number for him to contact me, which I thought would never happened because I learned he was married with kids.

Well, he did call and we catch up on old times and found out the we both felt the same about each other and he never forgot me. He even came looking for me after his first divorce because he want to see if we could have a relationship. We share so many things and goals in common its unbelievable. But its bitter/sweet as he is married and love his wife very much and I am going through a divorce. He was us to meet but I am reluctant as my feelings for him is the same as it was 32 years ago and I am not sure if I will have the power to say no to him! For now we look forward to each other's emails!

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Dec 16, 2012
Its all Good
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your comment! And we have already discussed it....I have already let him know that I respect the vow of marriage very much and that I have no intention of intervening or have him jeopardize his marriage..he has also told his wife that he is in contact with me. The same respect he pays his wife is the same respect I would hope from him!I do have to think about if the shoe was on my foot!

Dec 16, 2012
Loose the Feeling
by: Anonymous

Stay away from him. Stop talking to him. Respect his marriage and his wife. You wouldn't want that done to you so don't do it to someone else.

Mostly, respect yourself and don't get caught up in something that will hurt you. HE said he loves his wife so let him alone.

Find someone else who is single and can give you the things you need. ANY married man can't do that ,even him.

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