I Know You'll Get By ( A new meaning to your loss )

by Sonia

My husband speaks to me:

It's been three years and two months
since I last said "goodbye"
I've seen you pick up the pieces
of your broken dreams and this makes me cry,
I've seen you rise from the ashes..
of an overwhelming sorrow
The long, dark nights that spelled of no tomorrows
and yet you bounced back with..
A strength and spirit on fire
amazing woman that you are! I think I know why..
These are my answered prayers..
For God to help you get by.

I know it's been tough and so hard
on your part to live without me,
I see you weep brokenly each time
that you miss and long for me
In between the tears though..
I hear you laugh, sing and skip to a tune,
Every time you are touched by Someone..
you sense but cannot see,
I've never stopped asking God to be there
with you always for me.

I've walked with you through that
long, arduous journey called grief
Dauntless, you have learned to live
life without my presence..
To revisit the loss in its very essence,
to memorialize me in the pages
Of your books, journals and poems,
forging ahead, meeting head on
The cruel, blinding wind and rain..
that's My Girl all over again!

Look at you girl! you've pulled yourself through,
shifting slowly between the shadows and the light!
Like a fragile butterfly you have wiggled yourself
out of the cocoon of darkness and gloom!
To soar on beautiful wings towards..
a world that awaits you in pure delight!
From the depths of your grief
You have been transformed into..
A more loving, feeling, caring soul,
that you so loved me yet dared to let go
To share our love story to the people you know'
I am so blessed that I share with you
The glory of that radiant glow!

Yes, grief teaches us precious lessons in life
to live, to love, to lose and to survive
Molded on God's anvil you have emerged..
polished and primed through it all!
You have been shaped richer, stronger, nobler by far
and now you know yourself better..
My brave, morning star!

Yet, it doesn't go away, this grief..
your eyes will well up with tears
For me now and then,
the longing will always be there
That only the two of us can share.
But dear, you will continue to mend
Grief will teach you to find yourself without me,
Remember always to make it your friend
Embrace the pain, cherish the loss, without end!

Still you wonder how anything so bad
can ever help to heal,
But darling, that is the wonderful miracle of grief!
can I measure this change, here let me try..
My death, your loss has transformed you from
a brokenhearted soul floating in ..
A bottomless sea of despair..
a soul that no longer wanted
to get up in the morning,
a soul that can find no
reason in living,
a soul that has suffered an
unbelievable loss..
Into one glorious, triumphant being!
Re-defined by grief that kept you going!

And I'm so happy for you, my love
You are special, you have become,
You have risen from that devastating fall!
God has lifted you and has seen you
kindly through it all..
He has faithfully answered my prayers for you,
And all this time since I last said "goodbye"
I've never doubted ever that He would,
For with Him, my love..
I know you'll get by.

to my dearest wife, Sonia
loving you always..
your husband, Jack

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