i lose my baby sister

by betty music fain

hi my is betty,am 50years old and she would have been 49 at the last day in march this year. She died from buers of 80% of her body, she was with her so called friends and the way she was burned looked like some one did this to her it was very hot water and it look like some one throwed it on her ! i called the cops to look in this but my sister lived 3 day after this had happen and they the doc's said that she did this and no one in the home did this but even the cops said that the way she was burned and if she said she did this ,she would of had her hands bured as well but they was not!but sien she said what she did they could not do any thing about .but i no the woman she was friends with she was on drugs before and my sis toke the blame for he before beacuse thats how my sis was she was a loving person to all who knew her,she never said a bad thing about any one in her life.she would her money away to any one who was in need or any thing she had to help others !!!!!The couts would not take up this for the ppl had cleaned up every thing and what she had said but the cops new like i did that she was done wrong .but god i know one day these ppl will have to stand before him and i believe in god he will one day make things right !!!!! i love you patty my sis for ever

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Jul 01, 2012
my baby sister
by: betty

To anonymos, I want to say thank you ! the cops are on my side but it was their local district Attorney amd their courts that said they would not take this to the courts ,for they said they didnt have a lot of proop and on top of what she said to the cope's that she did this to herselve. But like i said the cope's are on my side they agree with me that if she did this to herselve she would of had her hands bured as well! I think what I can do is go to the attorney general of n.c. and take to them over this and see what they can do;i know my sis ,she would not have done this to herself! They were 3 other ppl there that night with her but a mouth before this happen to her ,her best's friends husband tryed to attack her he is a bad drink and her best friend was doing drug's and her old man didnt like that ,he said that my sis was giving her money to get the drugs but she didnt i took her bank card every time she when to see them i told her thats all then wanted was her money.I know she was not on drugs for i made the docters do a blood test to see if she was on them ,and the test came back NO! she had been drinking thats all. There have been alot of other things that for mouths i had seen and hear when she would come home that was not right and i told her not to go back there that they are having some problems there and she told me that her friend was on drugs again and her old man which is an x=cope himselve was fighting on this ! i did find out that he was let go from his job and that all they would say that he had some bad problems so they let him go thats all they would tell me,he has been at my home a lot of times to come and got my sis to go home with them and every time i have seen him he was drinking very bad i tryed to tell her not to go that some thing bad was going on in their home but she thinks she could help them because she loved them.She was disabled and a loving person and know one needs to die the way she died!!!! thinks again for you taking the time to hear me ===love in GOD!!! betty

Jun 28, 2012
contact your local district attorney
by: Anonymous

No one kills themselves by tossing boiling water all over themselves unless they are a monk on the steps of Washington DC protesting a war. So something else is going on here, I can't believe that the police won't help you.

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