I lost a women, a soul mate that past away due to hypertension.

by Lamont
(Saint Louis)

I lost a women that I love very much, she was my soul mate and I feel that will never be replaced. It is very hard everything reminds me of her. I miss her, laughs, her smiles, and even her cries. I try to prepare myself to go on living without her but that seems some how impossible.
Dianna Lovelace was her name, and there will always be a place in my heart for her, she really loved me and I really loved her. I pray and hope the Lord gives me comfort some day, because I cant see myself living without her..

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Nov 04, 2013
My best friend
by: kyren

I lost my partner Stephen about two months ago due to an ongoing ilness.Unfortunately,he went to the spirit world on sept 7th.He was the love of my life an definitely my soulmate.I was detained in a mental heath facility for just over one month.I truly do not believe my life is worth living an see no more meaning or significence in remaining here anymore.I believe my life lessons have all been learned especially concerning 'unconditional love".I know I will see my beloved in the spirit world an since his physical passing I have had two visions which have led me to KNOW that I will be united with my loved one for a very long time.I know his brother who passed over from a drowning accident when Stephen was only a teenager is looking after him.Our love will an can never die,especially in the asral world.Love goes on forever so to those who have lost someone do not think your love will not be reunited.It will be.Love is the most powerful an vital force in the universe

May 07, 2013
Sudden loss of childhood love
by: Anonymous

I just lost my long, long friend through a violent act in the Middle East. He was my teenage love and we remained friends for several decades after. A few years ago he confessed his never ending love for me and all of my feelings for him resurfaced and grew tremendously. For some reason, our lives never matched up timing wise and we were never able to get back together. We saw each other and shared very special brief moments and we knew that we were soul mates. I thought we would end up together in our old age, but he was taken from my life. Now that it's impossible to look forward to reconnecting with him in this lifetime I have to look towards next time. I believe that some connections will last forever. My grief is very new and raw and maybe I'm holding onto something but I do feel him with me. Unfortunately few know my situation and would understand how devastatingly painful this is because we were not together. I'm praying for anyone going through their own grief of a special someone. It's so hard.

Apr 24, 2013
I lost a woman, a soul mate that passsed away due to hypertension.
by: Doreen U.K.

Lamont God will comfort you in your grief. But it takes time. It is so painful to LOVE and then lose that person in DEATH. I lost a husband of 44yrs.to cancer almost a year ago. He spent his 47yrs. working and then dies when due to retire.
Life is so very unpredictable. When you are in the middle of something good you then lose it.
I am sorry for your loss of Dianna from your life. It hurts so much when you love someone so deeply and feel you can never love anyone again. That is how I felt about my husband. He was my HEARTBEAT. My song to him was "My world BEGINS and ENDS with YOU!" This is how I still feel.
You will one day at a time HEAL from your GRIEF and LOSS of Dianna. But it takes time and sometimes it feels like FOREVER.
Keep a journal and write out your thoughts and feelings and this will help your grief. You will have this record of your love for Dianna forever.
Even seeing a grief counsellor is a good way of expelling some of the painful emotions that accompany loss. You will be amazed at how quickly you can bounce back into life. You will be able to honour the memory of Dianna but without that pain that drags you down each day.
May you be comforted and supported in your grief and loss until you can find your way back into life.

Apr 23, 2013
lost a soulmate
by: may perez

dear lamont I grieve with you. I lost two husbands, one from an
accident, the other from and illness. I thought I was never get out
of the hearaches, but I did, twice. I know how you feel but there
is help. Try to take things one day at a time, stay on this website
you will have guidence and before long you will feel a little more
comfortable. I just lost my 41 year old son with no warning of
illness. his name is Glenn. I've never felt this pain not even when my two husbands passed on. I am still grieving so bad and I can feel
like it's not the end of the world yet.,since I started on this website. I my self have hypertinsion, and I am faithfully taking my
medications. Was your soulmate taking hers'..We all need to grief and let the grief pass over us so that we could heal faster,better.
do not bottle your grief, you can cry every minute of the day or like me I have a journal to write down what ever you want when your
soul mate was with you. Like you I am still grieving for my son who
passed on almost 2 months ago.....May god bless

Apr 23, 2013
Your responsibilty Now
by: Nancy

Your responsibility now is to "plant love prints" on those she has left behind. Your need to share your experience of being loved by her, her laughter, her strength and the joy she gave to you so that her live was not in vain. She gave something very special to you, and you alone. You, I hope in time, will be able to celebrate, the time that you have been able to have with her, rather than grieve her loss. I know that it will take time, as grief has its own timetable, and no one person goes through a loss in the same way, and at the same time. Do what you need to do to allow your grieving process along, and then take time to celebrate, and plant seed of love, to everyone, even those who did not know her. You can do that and hopefully you will do that, the simplest "act of kindness" done in her memory will cause a stranger to stop and think of her for a moment, a day, or maybe even a month. The random act of kindness could be as simple as putting a quarter in a parking meter that was running out, and you can leave a note, saying this random act of kindness was done in memory of "...." and you can do this on her birthday or on the anniversary of her moving on...You will learn to live with her moving on..in a different way..she will just not physically be with you.. but she will be around you... and she will let you know that she is there.. maybe in a reminder of a song, on the radio, or with a gentle breeze that comes up and kisses your cheek... and if you decide to find a new love.. she will let you know that ... that too will be okay... for we are never.. meant to be alone... but rest in the knowledge the it will take time... so take all the time that you need.. and don't let the comments of others influence you... or push you.. to be in a place other than where you are in your grieve process... and if you need support... there are grief groups in most communities... seek them out.. above things .. know this that you are not alone... there are others of us out here.. so keep reaching out.. that is the first step to your healing... your new friend..
Nancy from Winnipeg, Canada
P.S. I hope this helps

Apr 23, 2013
Soul Mate
by: Anonymous

Last Sept my soul mate slipped from my life in my arms at home. I miss him more everyday. His touch, his smile just everything that he was. At times I feel the full force of that loss and I think I just cannot keep going. But he had ask me to make a life and find new love. He taught me to be strong and have courage. So that is what I am doing is trying to balance my life in this world with out. His love is my only guild. Allow her love to comfort you and be your guild.

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