I lost my baby sister 2013

by anonymous
(Aberdeen, md)

We were 4 years apart. Close growing up as i had to fill in as a mother at times instead of a sister. Time passes we grow up and apart. I joined the service, got married had kids and lived 2,000 miles away. My sister stays local gets into trouble finally straightned out marries and has 3 beautiful kids. We finally move around each other after years apart and a mother who enjoyed ripping us into shreds whenever she could-then she dies. We got along the last day i seen her so well that i didn't want to rock the boat with big sister worries/concerns-now which now gives me some peace that at least on the last day i got to see/talk/hug and kiss her little cheek that it was a pleasant visit. Two weeks later i get that call-so tragic. Its been a year and i still dream about her. I dream that i warn her to be careful because shes gonna die-and then i wake up and reality is there rearing its ugly head-because it is too late she has already died-nothing i can do and thats what hurts the most-if there was just something i can do to have prevented it. I will always love and miss you little sis-always.

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Aug 07, 2014
I lost my baby sister 2013
by: Doreen UK

I am so sorry for your loss of your baby sister. It can be confusing when you are sister and also mother. I have 4 sisters and one brother and I was the middle sister but had to act as mother also. I had a mother who saw potential in me and let me get on with it. I enjoyed the experience and training but the confusion comes later. It sounds as if you had a difficult upbringing with your mother. It is so difficult living with a mother who was unhappy and takes it out on her children and they have to pay the price that should be placed on the shoulders of the one who was cruel. Counselling does help to address such issues so one can resolve the pain of the past and not let it affect their future life. More so if you are bringing up children and can pass on your own hurts to them. It is possible to break dysfunctional family issues and go on to live a more whole life. Taking one day at a time does help.

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