I lost my beloved mum suddenly

by bubu

I can't imagine i will lose my mum suddenly. We've been spent a great night a day before. She prepared the food and soup i love the most. We had a good chat with my son and we booked a tour to Japan to see sukera at the end of March. That is her wish, she said she want to go and we plan for our great trip. We said goodbye happily. But, next morning, i received call that she was sent to AED and certified death. I was in a very bad mood, very depressed. My life was changed dramatically. How come a healthy lady suddenly die? That is my beloved Mum, i can't bear that. I rather i die or i lose all my things but not her. Everyday is a torture. She is my best friend, we see each other everyday, go shopping , lunch and dinner. But.... what's going on??? I always ask am i dreaming?? Why this world so cruel? I can't sleep. How can my life without her?????? Even i am a health care professional, i don't know how to face....

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Apr 02, 2013
I feel your pain and you are not alone
by: Anonymous

Dear HK,

I too lost my mother, 6 months ago, and she was fit and healthy. We had no idea that anything was wrong. My dad called me and told me on the phone. I didnt understand what he was saying! I still cant believe it.
I know how you feel. I wonder sometimes if this is all a dream, did this really happen?! I cant believe that I will never get to see her again on earth.
Its the little things we did with them, the shopping, dinners, phone calls, coffees, that make it the hardest to go on. I was so close to my mother too, and I feel as though everyday I am reminded of her.
I too dont know how life can go on. It is such a shock, and so hard to deal with, when someone dies so suddenly without any warning.
My heart goes out to you. I am so sorry for your loss. Please know that you are not alone, whereever you are, there are others throughout the world who feel your pain and loss. I truely am so very sorry.
I dont know how we can find comfort at this time, but I do pray that we will find comfort and peace. I dont know how we are meant to keep on going, but I hope that we find a way.
Again, I am so sorry and my thoughts go out to you HK.

Mar 18, 2013
I lost my belove mum suddenly
by: Doreen U.K.

HK We are given life which is a gift from God, and then our lives are taken away again when it is our time to die. This is the cruelty that God never designed but when SIN entered our world at the beginning of the world when Adam and Eve were created we got our life sentence then. This is why we die. This is the harshness of Life. We develop a strong bond in our family that forges relationships of Love and happiness. We build memories and a life that is so precious.
Our Hearts will break forever when we lose a dear loved one from our life. A mom seems to be the heart of our life because she gives birth to us, and then nurtures us throughout our life to become the people we are today. This is the cycle of life that continues through us. It is a miracle but also a tragedy when death comes. We can only hope that we all recover enough to carry on with life. We will have to change our focus in order to survive. Those in the healthcare arena see illness and dying in their work and have to deal with their own tragedies in their family. None of us escape the wrath of Grief. It is one of the hardest places to be in life. I have never felt the raw pain of loss like I do now. I know how you feel. I lost my husband to cancer 10 months ago and my mother 10 years ago in 2 days time. Grief is at my door and Heaven in my heart as I HOPE one day to see my loved ones again. These will be tough days for you but in time you will come through this pain of loss. May the Peace of God surround you now at this difficult time of loss.

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