I, lost my best friend and soul mate of 28 years

On, Aug.19, 2004 I, lost my best friend and soul mate.
Randy and I meet in high school because of our (yes we both had/have the same best friend)best friend Wayne. We got married 4 years later 1980, May10. We had our first son 8-31-87 and our second 6-26-90. He was a great dad, loved his kids and me with all his heart. On 8-9-2002 we were told of chondrosarcoma cancer, after surgeries and 2 kinds of radiation we thought we won, 1 1/2 later we were told it was back and with a vengeance and was now all though his body. The doctors at U of M told Randy he had maybe 3 days left because of the fact his lungs now were infested with the cancer. I, will never forget that day he looked at me with a smile and the doctor said do you understand and he said looking at me I do but doc you don't. I smiled at him with tears running down my face and he said tell the doctor what I'm thinking and I did. Doctor you don't know my husband he won't die and leave us in 3 days you just gave him a challenge the doctor thought we just didn't get it. Our best friend Di said the get it he plans on being here a little longer GOD isn't ready for him yet. 2 1/2 weeks later
Randy passed. He woke up that morning asked for his pain meds but not all, at 6:20am I gave him his meds like hospice showed me, he said is it ok if I go back to sleep now I said yes, I'll give you the other meds later he said ok night night, heart and soul. I watched him breathe closed my eyes for a few minutes and I felt a whoosh go past me I jumped up to his side and he was gone. I, never thought heart and soul would be the last thing we would say to each other, but that was how he would tell me he loved me. He was my heart and soul and I his. When he had surgery and couldn't talk he would touch his heart and cross his arms and then put his hand out to me--heart and soul I love you.
At 6:45am 8-19-2004 my world ended. There isn't a day that goes by I haven't thought of him or cried. In our last 2 1/2 weeks of his life I asked GOD many times a dad take me not him he still has to teach his sons all the things dads
teach their boys mom here is done please take me I am willing to take his place don't take him. Well, I didn't get the answer I wanted. I was once told by a teacher the greatest gift you can give is your life. I, miss him so much my heart hurts still. Randy, I have not stopped loving you and I will never stop loving or missing you. IFTLOALT see Randy I havent forgotten heart and soul my love

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May 05, 2011
by: Dawn

Thanks for this website so that i can understand the stages of grief, and especially, the true feeling of my mum of losing her soul mate for 34 years so that i can put myself into her shoes. I can't believe that it has been 2 months that dad has gone. My mum moved to a new apartment last weekend. It's really tough for her but she did pass through it, at least, superficially. I will bring her to Taipei next Tue for a short vacation. Will it be a good idea indeed? This question always pop up in my mind though she thinks it's a good chance for her to relax. I am just afraid that she will think of dad and break down again. My hubby, and my brother will go with us. I really hope she can relax a bit from the trip

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