I lost my Dad on 23rd April 2009.

by Jo

I lost my Dad on 23rd April 2009. Yes, this was nearly 4 years ago now, but i still feel the pain every day, 2009 was supposed to be the best year for me. I got my dream job in the police of which Dad was really proud of me. But 3 months into my training and my Dad died all of a sudden. No warning and no chance to say goodbye. He was there one minute and gone the next. There was nothing anyone could do, you were just gone. Since then I have tried to carry on, I put on a brave face, but the truth is that I am lost now that you're gone. you were the one I looked to for advice and support, I know that I am old enough to face things on my own, but the truth is that I don't want to. I want your honest advice, even if it wasn't what I wanted to hear all of the time, but your judgement was spot on. You were my world and I think of you everyday. I am jealous of my brother because he has 2 children who have met "grumpy" but my children will never meet you. All I can do is show them pictures and tell them stories of you. Missing you is so hard, and knowing that you won't meet the man I marry or have a part in my children's life is so hard to deal with. But you were there for me, and I will do my best to pass on your legacy. I love you. You're the best xx

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Oct 29, 2012
I lost my Dad
by: Anonymous

You Dad has passed on from this side, but keep the faith the size of a mustard seed and you will make it. I know life is hard to carry on, but you must. remember the good times and let him always live in your heart and you will always feel the presence of his spirit.

Oct 29, 2012
I lost my Dad on 23red April 2009
by: Doreen U.K.

Jo I am sorry for your loss of your Dad almost 4 yrs. ago. If you are still suffering this long you may benefit from seeing a counsellor who would support you in working through your grief. You may have a blockage somewhere preventing you from moving forward. Counsellors are trained to deal with this. You could be helped to then go and and lead a normal life with less pain. You won't ever forget your dad, but at least you won't have unbearable pain that tears you down and prevents you from living your life.
A Dad is a very important and significant person in a childs life and will continue to be so FOREVER. It is just so painfull when the memories stop and the input in our lives we still need. Life may take longer for you to come to terms with your loss. But you will eventually start to feel better and move forward. The saddest part for all of us is our loved one's not being there to meet and enjoy relationship with a Husband, or children. For me it is the loss of my husband almost 6 months ago and he won't get to enjoy relationship with his children or grandchildren. Grief is painfull. It is also a longer journey than most of us like or cope with.

Oct 28, 2012
Bless You
by: Anonymous

You are such a smart brave girl, I have lost both my parents, I know how you ache to have them back, awhile back I lost my youngest son, I will never be happy again, I loved him more than words can say, These are things we must live with, but some day when our time comes we will meet them in Heaven, all peace & love forever, hold onto this it's all that keeps me going,We wake up every morning to this heart break & emptiness their place in our live & heart left, I still just can't believe he is gone, I know you feel the same, I anm so sotrry , I;ll pray for you, {{HUGS}} phyllis

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