I lost my grandma my bestfriend

by escarla Zapata

Im 16 years old and my grandma died December 27 2012 the last time I talked to her was December 24 2012 for Christmas Eve I miss her so much I still think it's a lie I do not believe it is a nightmare and I really need to wake up from it.she died in the Dominican Republic so i feel happy because she didn't see her kids for 20 years did not spend Christmas with them for 20 years so actually she got to spend time with the kids this year and does help me know that she is now sleeping in peace and she will never be forgotten. but I really need consulting so if you got any advice for me please right to me in my email is escarlazapata@aol.com

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Feb 05, 2013
Its almost a year, but it feels like yesterday
by: Lwezz

I also lost my Grandmother, 2012-03-04, it still feels like yesterday, We were really close and she was like a friend that I could confide in, I miss her deeply. Like the other comments, some days are better and you feel strong, and that You've got it all together and then there will be days where the hurt starts again from scratch, its the most unbearable feeling ever.

I still cry whenever i feel like it, it makes me feel better. So try to be strong dear and I always pray right after that and i feel a sense of peace again.

So I pray that God will bring you comfort.

Jan 08, 2013
I'm very sorry for your loss
by: Anonymous

Grandma's are the best friends you can ask for! I know because my grandma, Gam, was my best friend too. She was also very fun... perhaps they have met now in another world and are having great adventures together!

Dec 29, 2012
I lost my grandma my bestfriend
by: Doreen U.K.

escarla I am so sorry for your loss of your grandma. Especially so close to Christmas Day which is a very sad time to lose anyone in our lives. You are so young at 16yrs. to face this loss. Part of your grief is just as you express it, by saying I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. Almost like you deep down refuse to accept she is gone. This is delayed shock and DISBELIEF that many of us go through when we are faced by something so painful our mind shuts out the REALITY. You will recover from this stage of Grief. Another stage which I think you are entering now is CRYING AND SEARCHING. This is when you are actually crying a lot and still looking out for your lost loved one thinking they are coming back and actually looking and waiting for this to happen. These are all natural stages of grief. If you are stuck in grief and can't move forward then you may benefit from seeing a grief counsellor who will support you through the stages of grief till you are finding yourself in a more comfortable place with normal grief. You don't have to suffer ALONE. There are organisations out there to support one in this crisis after a death. You will find the days ahead very hard. You will have good days and bad days. Crying a lot is a very important part of grief. This is where your healing will come from so don't worry if you cry a lot. The nature of the relationship and the type of death all affect our level of Grief and intensity of grief. This is normal. I hope that you will soon be able to move forward in life and get your life back on track. Hold on and Believe that life will get better and you will have all your loving memories of your grandma back.

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