I lost my sister when I was about 9

by Francesca

My friend lost her brother today in a car accident and that inspired me to share my story. My dad and step mum where away for her birthday and they were away for a week. Carlie(my sister who died) had been experianceing lots of migrants and she kept blacking out. We kept telling her to go to the doctors but the stubbon loving sister that she was kept assuring us that it was just a strong migraine. When Nikki and my dad went away I went to stay with my mum for a week. On the day they got home dad was supposed to be picking me up from school so I ran out in a hurry and my mum was there talking to my best mates dad. I though straight away that the plane had crashed but mum assured me that it was just delayed. She was crying on the way home but when I asked what wa wrong she said she had a bug in her eye. I went round my friends thinking nothing of it. When I got back round my mums she dumped me in the bath an Sadi "Me and your dad have some news to tell you ... It's not good news unfortunately." I got out of the bath and thought about what my mum had said. I thought that maybe someone had died. I also didn't realise how right I was. My mum took me round my dads where all nikkis family and friends were. They all had red eyes and I saw dad and I thought it was my brother that had died. Then Craig (my brother) came down the stairs also with big red sore eyes . " where's Carlie?" I asked knowing the answer. " there's no easy way to say this but she died." I burst out crying and couldn't stop for a few days.although I did go to school the next day. I wanted to act normal but that was very very hard. I don't wish this pain on anyone. RIP carlie and Harry xxxxxx (Harry is my friends brother) xxxxxxxx

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