I lost the most amazing friend, lover, mother of my child my soulmate

Almost 5 years ago I started talking to my soulmate. We quickly connected and began to talk about everything, we were very comfortable with each other. Almost a year later, we started dating in June, everything felt so surreal, when I was with her nothing could be wrong her presence alone would flush all my troubles away. I had never been so physically, emotionally and mentally attracted to someone in my life. Our relationship was great, we had so much fun with each other, always made each other feel better, we can talk to each other for hours and never run out of things to talk about. I always knew we were destined to be together and we were soulmates. In 2012 we were given the most wonderful gift in the form of a beautiful daughter. We both love her so much much. Recently we had an argument we've had some before but who doesn't? The day after she left me with our daughter. The pain from that point has been unreal, I just feel like curling up in a ball in the corner and rocking back and forth until I die. It is unimaginably the most painful and most traumatic thing that has ever happened to me. I've developed sever depression, I can't sleep, I can't eat. All I want is her and my daughter. Her parents don't want us to be friends but we want to be. We have been seeing each other almost everyday( getting my daughter, gym) and I feel so good and so comfortable when I'm with her and I can tell she is still comfortable with me. I really can't handle this loss I have tried everything, tried so much to be strong the only things that make me better is being with her and my daughter. I don't know what to do

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Apr 19, 2014
I lost the most amazing friend, lover, mother of my child, my soulmate
by: Doreen UK

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Even though I made a vow to never interfere in my 3 Adult childrens lives in their choice of a mate/life partner. There comes a time when a parent has to give advice if a situation is not right.
My son was besotted by a girl who was seeing her Ex boyfriend as a friend. My son did not like this. She was also so very controlling and not happy with what money he earned. She took money off him every month for help with "HER HOUSE". She would go off and leave him on his own whilst she saw her EX. My son was depressed and crying. He tried to end his life. He was heartbroken. She would throw him out of HER CAR in the middle of a snowy night at 3a.m. and he got lost, just because he challenged her putting her EX first before him. She would buy the EX boyfriend furniture, an apartment, and my son had to fund this. My husband was dying of cancer at the time and he was angry that his son couldn't see what was happening. We were on different pages. We were on the REALITY page. Our son was on the BESOTTED page. She threw our son out of HER HOUSE 5 times if our son challenged anything he didn't like about the EX. She didn't ever GET IT. I can't understand her actions and thinking. WE always took our son back when he had nowhere to go. Long story short. He married this girl. His father (my husband) died of cancer 2yrs. ago. Our son left on the day of the funeral. I haven't seen him in 2yrs. I MISS HIM. But I accept he has a life to live and I hope he is HAPPY. This was the only time my husband and I told our son to leave this girl and not marry her. But I guess he has to make his own mistakes and learn from them even if we can see the signs of failure. Our son has a great sense of commitment to make a marriage work. But there are so many other problems in a marriage that can cause it to fail. It does take 2 PEOPLE to decide this. I hope that you are able to take something from what I wrote in both posts to help make your life easier and to be able to find a solution to your grief.

Apr 19, 2014
I lost the most amazing friend, lover, mother of my child my soulmate
by: Doreen UK

There is nothing worse than losing the person you love, whether by death/divorce/loss of relationship. I can't understand why her parents would not want her to see you? You have a right to see your daughter and she can't deny you access. Is there a valid reason for her parents not wanting her to see you? My parents didn't want me to be with my boyfriend and I broke up with him and he was heartbroken and depressed. I was only 17yrs. at the time and I resented my parents for their interference. We got back together. I understood my parents reasons for not wanting me to see him. they were protecting me from the prejudice around at that time which they went through with me and 5 siblings that affected their life. We had so much interference even from his side.
WE got married and spent 44yrs. together. I lost him to cancer 2yrs. ago and just think. My parents would have denied me this happiness and 3 Adult children. I made a vow I would never interfere with my 3 Adult children's relationships. I would never make the same decisions as my parents did. Even if they had my best interests at heart.
You could go and see a counsellor in order to help get through this pain. You can also appeal to your soulmate and her parents and let them know what they are doing to you by separating you from the person you love. You can try showing the parents that you are committed to their daughter. This girl must be very insecure that she has stopped seeing you. Perhaps you can write back with an update and more information if this is appropriate. But I can understand that parents can have a reason for not wanting their daughter/son to stop seeing someone they love. I won't have enough space here but may write back with a new post follow up.

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