I lost two close relatives in three months.

by Suki

I am 32 years old and a single mum to two lovely little boys.
Things had been a struggle financially and emotionally already this year for me and on the day I broke up with my boyfriend I rang my mother only to find out my dear Grandad had died that day but no one had got around to telling me.
It has been a challenge the last few months to keep myself strong to look after my boys as well as grieve for my Grandad but I let myself feel how I needed and started to feel more human recently.
Then last Thursday I got a call out of the blue to say my dear Nanny had just died - we were very close I consider her to be my true maternal mother really and this I had always dreaded to hear.I had last seen her on the day of my Grandads funeral and spent most of the day holding her hand.
To add to this I don't have a good relationship with my parents and they had decided to go to Canada for 3 weeks even though they knew my grandma was frail which i found so upsetting.
Here I am now though with no family near me and having to cope with the double grief of losing my dear grandparents who showed me true unconditional love and kindness.
I will never forget them and have many good memories of them to share with my children and I know if i can get through this time I can get through anything.
Rest in peace Grandad and Nanny xxxxx

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Apr 22, 2014
Losing relatives
by: Anonymous

I have lost three relatives in the last three months. Uncle, brother, and now aunt

Sep 23, 2013
I lost two close relatives in three months
by: Doreen UK

Suki I am sorry for your loss of your grandfather and Nanny in three months. You had a lovely relationship with them and these memories will carry you through your grief. It is hard to process our loss of our elderly relatives missing from our lives especially when they had such a major role and influence in our lives.
Often parents can hurt us in life which makes it worse going through grief especially when we need them around.
I hope your parents can realise their insensitiveness of leaving for time in Canada when elderly relatives were so fragile and needy. It is possible for a death to either move us further apart or bring us together. I hope you can get your parents back on your side and support you as parents should.
I lost my husband to cancer 16 months ago and his death has caused a split in our family, and in some ways brought some of us closer together. Sometime people are sifted out of our life as they have no purpose to being there, and God puts others in our lives to make up for this. I hope God gives you some Sweetness in your life and always remember even the bad times pass. There has to be a balance which makes us stronger to go through this difficult life. Best wishes.

Sep 18, 2013
Sorry for your losses
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry to hear about your losses. I lost relatives close together as well and it compounds the pain and suffering when you're trying to deal with more than one loss.

So sorry you aren't close to your parents... I hope you are able to work things out with them someday. Take care -
Judy A.

Sep 18, 2013
They Are Forever In Your Heart
by: Becky

I am so sorry about the loss of your Granddad & Nanny. I just lost my Mother 7 weeks ago, and I can hardly get thru each day. I as close to my Mother and it is killing me not to be able to talk to her. I take comfort in knowing that my Mother is in heaven, alive & well. I understand how you feel alone and trying to be strong. From experience, I do know that time will help lose the pain, even though the pain never goes away. Your Granddad & Nanny will always be with you because they are forever in your heart. My prayers are with you.

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