I Love you a lot Saravan Sadhnani

by Leher
(Kakinada,Andhra Pradesh,India.)

I feel lifeless without You.You are my Only Diamond.He was just 17 yrs.He was very active and a very techy boy,we used to fight a lot.From the past few days in the month of July 2013 he was coughing,so he had a medical check up and doctors gave him cough syrup and tablets saying its normal cough.However it was 2-3 days it dint reduce so dad took him again for check up and they gave dry cough syrup and medicines saying he will be fine.He used to daily drop me to office at 8.20am and pick me at 5.20pm.It was July 6th(saturday),we had a small fight in the evening at home and next day mng(sunday) he went to vijaywada for Godess Devi's darshan,we said him not to go as we was having cough,But he went as he wanted to enjoy with friends & night by 9.30 he came back and dad picked him from station.Again monday evening he picked me from office,we forgot the fight as we knew we love each other a lot,I dint knew that would be the last time.12 july 2013,we finally got his blood test and scan done,that evening around 8.30 we came to know that its blood cancer,we all were shocked yet we said him its cough you will be fine.I was with him all the time.That moment we contacted all doctors in Vizag,Hyd,Mumbai.We soon started for Vizag as per the doctors said as he was weak and could not travel more.On 13th early morning,the doctors made us wait n finally they said they don't have full equipments and they stooped dealing with blood cancer as it has been long time.We had to go to Hyderabad.As per the doctors advised the local doctors started Chemotherapy.In the evening,he was very unconscious and was sweating,i was with him all the time at home.Finally that evening mom,dad elder sis and uncle along with my bro started to hyd,just an hr about to reach hyd he lost his breadth.still they took him to near by medical institution and did that shock therapy and applied gel and tried to get him back,but everything was gone.I lost my only and only lil brother on 14th July 2013.
I still dont believe it somewhere i feel hez gonna come for me,to fight with me....!!!

Love You soooooo much!

I hope you are happy and around us all the time.

Every one loves you tooooo much my love..!!!

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Aug 16, 2013
Loads of LOVE !!!
by: Leher sadhnani

I am unable to see you but i feel that you are seeing and listening us !!!
I want to see and have loots of fun with you !!!
YOU are very special to me my dear!!!!!

Aug 08, 2013
my best friend sarvan
by: manikishore

mamu edaram chala sarlu godava padam but we are Friends together happy friendship day sarvan i cant forget you in my life time

Aug 07, 2013
our relationship
by: subhojit

are bhai I am not missing u re......every time when I go out then first I will come to ur house dosent matter petrol is in absence or presence but we used to go for all late parties roam on the roads and what I didnt gave to u.....I hope u r reading this comments bro..I have a true belief and did u remember u used to always give me some biscuits and we used to go for parties we used to do eve teasing I love u re and missing all those moments and still many more to say about us re......saaaale dost ko chodke chala gaya.........love u re...umaaaaaaaah

Aug 03, 2013
missing my best brother.. forever
by: mythili manasa

i used to scold you like anything and you to did the same... we stopped talking... but i thought it will be normal very soon....!! but i did not expect that you will leave us in this way ....!!! missing you a lot sharvan.. unable to digest that u are not there any more.... missing you so badly... still im having hopez that you will come back...
coz itz just like a night mare for me... itz immpossible that you can leave us... never it could happen... come back soon... i'll be waiting to talk to you...p;zz come back as fast as you can... all are missing youu....

Aug 02, 2013
love you saravan soo much
by: bahaar sadhnani

miss u saravan soo much..miss your silly fights,the useless arguments we had,your love and care towards us and everything...Everyone is with a hope that one day you will come back home and say that "SADHNANI IS BACK"..PLLZZ saravan fight with that GOD and come back yaar..EVERYOVNE is waiting for you.WE ALL LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH.<3 <3

Aug 02, 2013
To Saravan's Friends
by: Leher sadhnani

Thank you for your valuable affection towards My Brother!!!

He dint want to leave us.In the last few hours he was going on saying save me!!!
Going on calling mama(mom) papa(dad)..
He dint know what was happening..
He suffered a lot.
He was not the one who had to go through such pain.
Donno all of a sudden he left us.
I dont want to beleive ths.

I still need him badly!

He has to come back!!

Aug 01, 2013
missing my close friend
by: Bharadwaja

we miss u a lot sarvan...... i miss all the fun we used to have. the absence of u with us makes us feel so sad

Aug 01, 2013
we love u sarvan
by: mohit kiran

we are with you sister !! i am friend of sarvan, may be we friends cannot fullfil the place of sarvan but we will try tooo think us as your brothers sister i knw sarvan from childhood. He is alrounder he used to come 1st in every competition but i didnt expect he will be 1st even in this..!! my regrets

Aug 01, 2013
To Doreen,U.K.,
by: Leher sadhnani

Thank You for your reply..!!
I understand your situation!!

But my bro was just 17 yrs,so small.We used fight for silly reasons and again be normal very soon.
I dont believe this has happened however i feel that he is going to come very soon.
Everyday we used to have breakfast together,I can not bear his absence.

I just need him back.Just 1 miracle to happen and i will do anything and everything for him.

I love him limitless.

Aug 01, 2013
To Doreen,U.K>
by: Leher

We had silly fights however the next moment we used to be normal just as any bro-sis.We dint know it was some irritation he had from within.He was just the sweetest bro,though there was 4 yrs gap b/w us he was always there for me to help me out with any small thing i needed.
I dont beleive this,Every morning we used to have break fast together and lot many things.

I can not tolerate his absense..
i dont know but i feel that he is gonna come back soon...!!

Jul 31, 2013
I Love you a lot Saravan Sadhnani
by: Doreen U.K.

Leher I am sorry for your loss of your baby brother, and for all he suffered. You will feel all alone for some time as you grieve your loss, Your brother may have fought with you more because he was ill.
My husband was a peaceful man but got lung cancer in 2009. His personality changed and he was moody, irritable and aggressive. Not part of his character. It was the cancer that did this. He had chemotherapy and radiotherapy and then sent home to die. It has been a very painful time. He died 14 months ago and it is a long grief journey. You are not alone you have friends here who understand what you are going through and we will support you.

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