I Love You Jason.

by Sena

June 1st, 2011, Was the last time I would kiss my boyfriend of 5 years, Jason. Jason and his good friend had been saving up and working double overtime to go on a Bear Hunting trip in Idaho. Jason was so excited. He bought a new Bow and a new Nikon camera. June 3rd, 2011, was the night that my world was flipped upside down. Around midnight, Jasons friend called and said that they had gotten into an accident, in Great Falls Montana (only a few hours away from their hunting destination). I asked, "Where's Jason???". A drunk driver had rear ended their pickup truck while they where stopped at a stoplight, they hit them going in speeds excess of 75mph. Jason, was thrown through the windshield of the truck. Then the truck rolled twice. Jason was okay, though it seemed. I got to talk to him while he was at the hospital before they took him into surgery. Jason's LAST words to me where, "I love you so much baby, dont worry, i'll survive." The next day, myself and Jasons siblings were preparing to fly out to Montana from WI. Thats when the doctor called me and told me, He had died. My heart broke. I fell down the stairs crying. I cannot believe this. Not one bit. After seeing Jason in his Casket, I knew then, I would never be the same again. I started journaling. Writing all of my random/blank thoughts down. Nothing helps though. The pain is so so so intense. I lost my father unexpectedly in 2008, but this sorrow is much different. I think its because as a child, you at some point expect your parents to die. But this, Jason, whom would have been 24 on July 21st, 2011, is just too much. I question my faith everyday. I wonder every minute, WHY DID THIS HAPPEN TO HIM?? And at this point, I dont feel the need to go on to be honest. I feel like there is no one that will EVER compare to Jason. How will I be able to find love ever again? What Jason and I had was so intense and so real. Jason was just an honest and down to earth man. I just really dont know.

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Jul 18, 2011
I'm soooo sorry...
by: Anonymous

Hi Sena, I'm sorry about your Jason.

I read your story and it makes me so sad. My boyfriend, my Kevin passed away 2 months 17 days ago, he was 37 years old. Kevin and I were together for close to 5 years, (coincidentally, my Kevin's birthday was on June 3rd).

The last day I saw and kissed my Kevin was on April 29th and my world fell apart on April 30, 2011 when his mother called to tell me that he died. I still miss him sooo much.

I have not posted my story yet...it's still too painful for me right now.

I still don't understand why my Kevin had to leave....!

I hope you find this site helpful to you through this time, I know it's helped me.

Jul 18, 2011
Through It All
by: Geoffrey Campbell

Dear friend, I too am going through deep grief right now, and wish to tell you something precious, that many times we cannot see through the vail of suffering, but though unseen, your tears and heart break is shared by your best Friend, the one who loves you more than any earthly parent, or husband ever could, for as it is written, "In all our suffering, He suffers."

Let your love for your boy friend direct you to do something in his name and honor, that will make you force of healing to others who are in need or suffering. I too am suffering grief that weighs heavily on me, every moment of my day, yet I find a healing balm in knowing that He cares about the sparrow that falls to the ground, cares about you.

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