i love you lulu

by frank lopez
(miami florida)

hi please just asking for input just had my 12 yr old americ bull dog put down yesterday in 2011 she began to show mammary gland tumors they grew and at that time i did not know about tumors and i never knew about neutering a dog i was 21 when i bought her, in 2011 she had pyometra surgery which was 900 and they offered to remove the tumors for another 900 at the time i did not think her issue would get worst but it did 3 months ago her tumor was the size of a pear, and had other small ones. the large one began to leak through a teet, we though of surgery but felt she was already too old by yesterday the tumor had tore through her skin and began to leak alot from there, i took her to the shelter with my wife and paid 25 dollars to put her down, i feel so guilty and so horrible please let me know if you think we made the correct decision, thank you.

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Jul 10, 2013
by: Anonymous

We love you Frank

Jul 09, 2013
by: carol

You made the right decision. I lost 3 dogs in the last ten years. The first one to anal gland cancer. She had surgey to remove a small mass the size of a walnut and thought she would be fine. Then one month later the mass began to grow back slowly and she lost so much weight. Then quickly mass grew the size of a softball and I was going to put her down but she died at age 11 years the night before. My second dog had mammary tumors for years and we never took her surgery and she lived for 15 years but then cancer spread to her lungs and she died quickly. But it killed me to see her take her few last breaths and then nose and tongue blue! My 3rd dog died of heart failure at age 10. The stupid vet was treating her for seizures and I spent so much money with him n meds and when I finally switched vets because she wasn't getting better,the new vet said she had heart failure not seizures and if other vet would've treated her on time, she may have lived longer! She died the night after going to new vet. No matter how they die or if you put them down, we always miss our faithful companions. Be proud you had the courage to put your dog down. They don't deserve to suffer. My mom a few months later bought a new dog after the last ones death and it took me a year to love that new dog because I felt like a traitor to love the new dog. Later, I realized that the doggie needed me as much as I needed her so that I could heal from my great loss and it wasn't fair to new doggie not to love her. I'm glad I have her because she is a wonderful companion and reminds meof the wonderful gift of loving a dog! Take care!

Jul 09, 2013
by: Debi M.

Frank -

I am so sorry about Lulu. Having to put a pet down or losing a pet is one of the hardest things to go through in life - they are part of the family. It has been over a year since my 5 year old English Bulldog Chewy died suddenly of a heart attack. I miss her terribly but have a picture of her by my computer which brings me a sort of comfort. I know your heart is breaking but take comfort in knowing that you gave her a safe and loving home and that she knew this.

Debi M.

Jul 09, 2013
thank you
by: frank

i would like to thank you all because I feel you all understand and thank you for your comments and sharing your stories. What make me feel sad is that it took her life for me to learn about neutering and spaying i fell i should have spent the $900 in 2011 when she was 10. I have my regrets. i just wish i could have one more chance to play with her, take her to the part and enjoy her. She was the sweetest, most humble, protective dog anyone could have and we miss her dearly, sine my mom spent most of the time with her while i was at work, she knows her pain more than I. Again it is true I hope to see her again one day, I am not even thinking about another dog because Lulu will not be replaced so fast. Again, I would like to thank you all for the support it helps, God Bless

Jul 09, 2013
You did the right thing
by: Soulgarden

I am so so very sorry for your loss. It is painful enough when your beloved dog is sick, and having to make the decision to end her life is agony.
I have had the honor of caring for many animals at the end of their lives, and this part never gets any easier, but there are things the animals have taught me:
1) No one lives forever and when an animal is dying of cancer there is no cure.
If the tumors were so aggressive they were breaking through her skin, then she was dying, and would have been in terrible pain.
2. Animals will stay in their bodies with one cell left working, meaning that no matter how sick they are, they take their role of being there for their guardian over their own pain and suffering. You made a hard choice, but she is released from cancer.
3. Animals are such loving, evolved beings they release their bodies and may come back and find you again in a new body, if and when the time is right. I have experienced it many times. So when, you are ready, pay attention to your dreams, and keep an eye out for the next animal that may need a loving home.
4. Your beloved pup is in a place of absolute love and free of pain and suffering now, and does not want you to be in pain either. You did the only thing you could have done. Grieving is normal, but know you did the right thing. One day when you leave this earth, she will be waiting to greet you.
5. Animals are true Angels, they are miracles of love and compassion, and we are so lucky to spend a few minutes or a few years with them.

I hope this helps, please take extra gentle care of your hearts.

Jul 09, 2013
I love you lulu
by: Doreen U.K.

Frank we go through life and have to make many decisions. Some right ones and some we may find later a wrong one. But come what may it was a decision you had to make quickly. All decisions we make carry a risk but we go on and make them regardless if they are right or wrong.
What you did for your lulu was to spare her the agonies of an operation and the recovery process with no guarantee she would have had a good quality of life. YOU SPARED HER FURTHER SUFFERING. Feel comfortable with the decision you made for whatever reason and don't let anything or anyone make you feel guilty for your decision. If ugly thoughts intrude to assault you dismiss them with the thought that you did the merciful duty to put lulu out of her suffering.
My husband had terminal cancer. He made the decision to have chemo and radiotherapy. It made him ill and robbed him of quality of life. He wished he did not accept chemotherapy. We will never know if we made the right decision to buy him time with the chemo because of how ill it made him feel and robbed him of quality of life.
My friend died 2 days ago of breast cancer and she refused all medical treatment. She juiced and put in place a good diet since she was a Christian and regarded her body as the Temple of God and she didn't want the poisons of Chemotherapy going into her body. She may have lived longer or had remission for several years. But it was her choice and decision and no one can judge her for this.
Live with the decision you made for your lulu because you made this decision with lulu's best interests in mind and not your own which would have been to keep her with you at any cost. lulu is out of her suffering now. It us who are left who have to find a way to grieve.

Jul 09, 2013
Dear Frank,
by: Pat in Missouri

I know you did the right thing. In fact, your vet should have told you that mammary tumors are often malignant. After 1 round of surgery and reappearance of more tumors, your vet probably should have advised you that there was high risk of more mammary tumors. I've seen this before.

Since your sweet Lulu was an older dog and she had tumors that were leaking and 1 as large as a pear, you know she was in pain. Dragging a growth around that size must have been horribly painful. I know it hurts to lose a pet. I've lost pets in the past and have 2 right now. It will kill me, when they go.

Rest assured that you did the right thing. Lulu is at peace now. In time you will find comfort in that. I send you many hugs. Pat

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