I miss everything about her

by Faith



I lost my mom on March 16 2010. I never thought it would hurt like this. The pain is still so fresh and raw. Every day gets harder and harder. I still cry every day. Nights are the worst- I can not close my eyes without seeing her face. I wish I could see her and hug her one last time!!!

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May 12, 2010
Thank You . . .
by: Down Under

P.S.: Thank you for your comment on my page and anyone who says to you to "move on" obviously has not lost a loved one ! It's only been 2 months for crying out loud. One day they will be in your shoes and they will then understand what you are going through and maybe then will they see what they have said was not right. Take your time gireving and healing Faith.

May 12, 2010
We Feel The Pain of Loss
by: Down Under

Faith, I know it seems like what we are all saying to you is nonsense and we don't feel your pain, and how do we all know that you will come out of it ok. . . . well that's true, we don't feel your pain yet we know the feeling of losing someone we love. You seem to be a strong person, only a strong person would type up their story for the world to read.

Yes grief is a horrible feeling and yes we all feel like we can't go on but just remember, take it day by day and know that all those crazy feelings and crazy thoughts in your head are normal and they will subside eventually and you will cherish all those wonderful times you had with mum, and your smile will reappear, just have faith in yourself and know that mum is watching over you, let us know when you work out what her sign is to you. (PS: my niece is a lady beetle, grandpa is a dragon fly and dad is a butterfly, crazy as it seems they appear where you least expect them & we don't have too many fluttering around in Syd Australia, so that's how I know they are around!) Keep reading and typing away your thoughts, we are all hear to listen and type right back at you. xo

May 10, 2010
by: Anonymous

I so feel your pain. I too wish I could have got in one more hug and I love you so much. I wish you well, you have to go on for you. Thinking of you, Thomas

May 10, 2010
Loss of a Parent
by: Down Under

Faith, condolences on the loss of your mum. I think losing a parent is the worse pain you could feel. We just assume they will always be around for us. It will take time and you will go through some nasty ups and downs, but please know that you will and you can get back up, it will just take time, how long . . . I don't know. I lost my father 9 months ago and I have only now just started to come out of that horrible black cloud. I found that talking to people and not holding back the grief you feel will help. If you like you can read my last entry, Black Cloud Subsiding. This site has been amazing for me, just coming back to it each day and reading about others going through the same feelings and knowing that hey I'm not going crazy, these feelings are normal. Warm wishes coming your way. Faith for the hard times to come. Keep those happy memories alive in your heart. Take care.

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