I miss her

by Eden
(Hertfordshire, England)

I was 11.

2 years ago on tuesday the 19th of january my mum and I were walking to school when we met my friend. She asked me if I wanted to walk with my friend or her and I said my friend. I didn't even hug her goodbye.
That night I went home to my dads house.
The next day (thursday) I went to school and my mum was meant to pick me up, but she never came. Neither her or my dad would pick up the phone and I was at school till 6pm. Then my dad finally came to pick me up and we went looking for her but couldn't find her anywhere. We reported her missing to the police.
My mum had a boyfriend that neither me or my brother particularly liked, but we liked his children.
On the friday morning I was told, by my dad that she was dead. Over the next couple of weeks I came to know she had been murdered by her boyfriend and he had hanged himself.
But the worst bit was, I knew exactly this had happened from the first night we were searching for her.

Then my dad and his partner split up. Then we moved house again, then my dad got a new partner and we moved again.

Theres been so much change and i feel like i have nothing of my old life back. I miss her, and i just want her back.

RIP Rosie Mayer.

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Apr 02, 2013
I miss her
by: Theresa Newton

Dear I miss her,

I know the feeling on how you miss your Mum, It's hard, the pain is real, and the anger is to. I miss my Mama, I lost her exactly one month before my Birthday, I was 25. she died at the age of 44, your Mum must of been young too. But you know what? she's your Angle now, She is with you all the time, I don't know if you believe in this, or if you even Pray, But Pray to her, she'll hear you she will be sitting on the end of you bed with her beautiful smile listening to you. I know this to be true, because I do this to this day.I know your Mum loved you and still does,she always will. I think that there might be something that might help you feel better, sad, and you'll cry, but that's OK it will be apart of healing, I would like you to go and a pretty journal, maybe you Dad can help you pick one out, and I would like you to start writing to your Mum, your thoughts, your feelings, your anger, and also write things that are good, things that are going well for you and your new family, Tell her anything. I'm so sorry how your Mum died, that was the most selfish sick man. If your not comfortable in a situation or you think somethings not right you have to speak out you have to tell someone, your Dad, a Teacher, a counselor, your Principal, Church, I don't want to see something so scary that you can't sleep at night. But Dear I miss her, I wish the best for you, I hope things get better, and that things get easier for you. I wish that I had a daughter like you, because I can see how much you Loved your Mum. My Best Wishes are with you, your Mum, and your family. Take care sweetheart, My thoughts are with you. Is it OK if I give you some XX and OO?

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