I Miss Him

I was in 2nd grade when I learned that my great grandpa passed away. We shared the same birthdays so we were close than my other grandparents. Its been almost 10 years and I still feel the pain of it. No one explained to me back then that he would die or that the reason he was in the hospital was cancer, so now as I listen to stories from my grandma who's still alive it hurts to know what actually was going on. Even though I want to believe he is in a better place I can't help but dwell on it still because his death was the reason I lost my faith. As I become of age I think more and more of him and just wonder what it would be like if he was alive today. I miss you grandpa. I love you so much.

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Sep 13, 2013
I Miss Him
by: Doreen U.K.

You sound as if you were young at the time and didn't know what was going on. This is the difficulty of our older generation. We grew up in a time of life where children were hidden and protected from death, dying, and what happens. But little did our generation know that years later the younger generation are reaping the consequences of the lie/truth about death being hidden from them. Even if this was done for the right reasons it appears today that it was the wrong reason as youngster's like you have grown up with many distortions and scars about what death is, Why the children could not go to the funeral of their parents and other relatives? and why did he have to die? Great secrecy and protection.
God created Adam and Eve. They were told By God not to touch the tree of Good and Evil. Along comes a serpent called Satan and deceived Eve into eating from that tree. Satan Challenged God. This is how SIN entered out world. As a result of SIN. God said man had to work for a living by the sweat of his brow, and woman was to suffer in childbirth. Man was never meant to die. But due to Adam and Eve's sin they were driven out of the Garden of Eden and so DEATH reigned. God then was unhappy about the situation so he created a son of a virgin called Mary who would bear the Child of God and his name was called Jesus. God loved his creation so he sent his Son Jesus to die for mankind so that we could be saved from Sin. Jesus bore our sins in his body so that we can have eternal life. But this eternal life is to come. God has to let the world continue reaping the consequences of Sin till He comes back for his people who have accepted Him and their Lord and Saviour. Also to give many people the chance to Accept Jesus and so inherit eternal life. This is called the PLAN OF SALVATION. Jesus will come back to this world again and Man will live forever in the world to come. This gives man HOPE for the future. We are all going to die one day. We have had our lives planned by God the ruler of the UNIVERSE.
I am sorry for your loss. But you have HOPE and can cling onto this Hope for the future.
Grief hurts so bad. But God is our Healer and in time we will heal from our loss and carry on the cycle of life. Keep strong and take one day at a time. This is the secret to coping with Grief and loss of loved ones.

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