I miss Jack!

by Jaynie
(Portland, Oregon)

Happy Jack!

Happy Jack!

Jack had diabetes and was very sick, his kidneys were shutting down. Options were limited and very expensive. My husband and I made the decision to end his life, probably the most painful decision I have ever had to make. He left us so quickly – Monday, July 6 at 7:30 pm. I know I told him I loved him and that he was best dog ever. I have such regrets - regrets that I didn’t stay with him until it was over. I’m a coward – I can still hear his whimper when I walked out of the room.

Jack was my first dog. My mother would never let us have pets – too messy. The first two years Jack was with me, I would have paid someone to take him off my hands but after, true love. He went everywhere with me. If I was home, he was by my side. He was a true buddy.

I feel empty and alone. I am angry and so sad. My husband says I need to get over it and ‘just stop thinking about him.’ Telling me I should remember all the rotten things Jack would do.

People keep asking me if I am going to get another dog – like no big deal. My daughter posted that she said goodbye to ‘her buddy’ all night and she wasn’t even there. I am mad that she did that.

I am just trying to stay busy at work and watching TV all the time when I get home from work. I am dreading this weekend. My favorite thing to do over the weekend would be get up and walk Jack and get coffee. He was so happy to trail all over exploring new places. I miss him and my heart is broken.

Jack – I will never forget you. Rest in peace my beautiful baby.

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Sep 22, 2015
You will see him again
by: Anonymous

The bible mentions horses, lions, lambs and other creatures in heaven. It also says that God loves each one of his creation and sees even a sparrow that falls. This gives me tremendous hope that there is a meaning to life that is deep and rich beyond my understanding. I have loved animals on earth with such a devotion that it rivaled anything I had with humans. Each one's passing has been even more painful than the last because of my deepening connection with them. It's ok that you chose to euthanize your pet. That was a loving thing to do and there was no pain in his passing. When you feel guilt about leaving the room, re-picture yourself holding your pet and being there for him. It will help you heal. I believe that we can be reunited with our pets in heaven. Why in the world would a God who created them, let them just go into oblivion after they die? No, they are precious to him and knows we love them too. Be blessed in your love of people (and animals)! Each life is special. God loves you.

Jul 12, 2015
loss of Jack
by: Mari

I am very sorry for the loss of your precious dog.I realize how close we get to our pets. My God comfort you at this difficult time. Mari

Jul 12, 2015
I miss Jack!
by: Doreen UK

Jaynie I am so sorry for your loss of your beloved dog Jack. I never liked pets either until one day my daughter walked in with 2 cockatiels and my life changed forever. Those birds became 11 in a cage and It was one of the best experiences of my life. Ben was a lovebird who went blind and as he climbed the cage with difficulty I took him out of the cage and cupped him in my hands and then he died. It broke my heart. I lost many birds and then gave them to a rescue place as I nursed my husband for 3yrs.39days as he was slowly dying of cancer.
People can be cruel but don't realise it and at times of grief it feels much harder to bear. Talk with people who will be sensitive to your feelings of loss and grief and won't utter insensitive remarks because they don't know any different. They can't feel the same way you do. Even members of one's own family. You don't have to get over it as if it was the flu. You need to cry and express your grief and feel what you need to feel and express as this is the only way you will heal from your sorrow. Men have a different way of handling grief and don't like to see their wife hurt and still upset so they say the first thing that comes into their mind whether it is helpful or not. So don't take it to heart. Just don't discuss your feelings with anyone who will make you feel worse. GRIEF PAIN is the worst pain we will bear in life and it takes a lot of time to recover from our loss. Best way forward is by TAKING ONE DAY AT A TIME. You will one day move forward but it takes time. When my husband died 3yrs. ago I could not function for 6 months. I could do nothing but bathe my sorrows in watching endless TV. I also nurtured myself with good things each day till one day 6 months later I started to heal and feel better. Which I didn't think I ever would feel better or different. My sister has had to put her Westie dog to sleep and she hurt so bad I was here to comfort her. She felt the same level of grief I felt. You will one day find your way back in life, and you may end up doing this all over again. Giving your life to a pet. They need love and you need to give it. You will never forget ever the bond you have with each pet you take to your heart. IT HURTS I KNOW. But hold a pet loosely knowing that you will lose them one day. But don't let this be your FOCUS. Just focus on giving and Loving because none of us knows when we will leave this world. It is the same for a pet when they lose their owner and they go into a deep grief also. So keep your spirits up Jaynie and know you are not alone. We know the pain of grief. Overlook your daughter's behaviour because this is what wise Mature mother's do. Nurture yourself watching T.V. and giving yourself all the TIME you need doing special things for yourself that will make you happy each day, and build on this till it becomes a new way of life. You will be surprised at how quick you will start to heal and get your life back. You will grow and learn from your loss and you will become a stronger person through grief.

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