I Miss My Best Friend "My Mom"

by Staci

On 11/02/11, I lost my mom and am absolutely devastated over my loss. I thought the worse day of my life was on 03/27/03, when I lost my dad, but this was even worse since it was my second parent and my mom's death was very unexpected. While she had not been feeling well for a while, I finally convinced her to go to the hospital to be evaluated and treated and just three days later I received a call that my mom had aspirated gastric fluid into her lungs and was on a respirator. I could not believe it since this is the last thing I expected to hear. From that day on, it seemed like it was all downhill since my mom was not recovering and each day I was told she may come off the respirator, it just never happened. After speaking to the doctors and getting my mom's prognosis, I made the very difficult decision of honoring my mom's wishes as stated in her living will and had her removed from life support. That was probably the most difficult decision I have ever had to make, but I know in my heart I did the right thing and have no regrets, yet I miss my mom terribly and feel as if I will never get over my loss. I know people say in time I will start to accept my loss and feel a little better, but right now, that seems to far away. I am an only child so my mom was the world to me, yet I feel so alone now even though I am married and have two children. I lost my dad when he was 72 years old and now my mom at 76, but I really always believed my mom would live well into her 80's or even 90's, yet that never happened and I am filled with grief over that fact. The only positive thing I can say if there is anything positive in all of this is that my parents are now reunited with each other and hopefully happy in a better place.

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Dec 03, 2011
me too
by: lisa

I lost my mom 3 weeks ago. Her death was very unexpected, and we also had to make the decision of removing life support. She would've been so mad at us if we didn't.

She was also my best friend. She was the keeper of my heart. I miss her so so much. We talked everyday on the phone, even when we had nothing new to talk about. When I had something happy or exciting, I called her first. When I was sad, I called her first. Even now, for just that split second, I find myself saying "I need to call Mom and tell her!", then reality hits. I can't. We did so many things together that everywhere I do go, there is a memory of us going there too. I am forever thankful for those memories, but right now they are painful, not happy.

She is my last thought in my prayers before I fall asleep, my first when I open my eyes (and the million times thru the night).

I miss her. I never stopped looking at her thru those little girl eyes. I wanted to take care of and protect her forever.

Nov 28, 2011
Getting through each day is difficult
by: Leslie

Hi, I can relate to your stories....So sorry for your losses.
My mother just passed away on Nov. 18, 2011. She was relatively healthy, but always had high blood pressure that she took meds for ( for over 25 years). Well, the doctors finally wanted to see if it was her heart, and sure enough she needed heart surgery last Thursday. She made it through the surgery, but then went into cardiac arrest and died 6 hours later. The doctors basically thought she was going to have an easy recovery period because she was healthy in all other respects. Boy, were they wrong. my father, siblings and myself are in total shock still. She was laughing and smiling in the hospital the morning of the surgery. So how could this happen?? Well, we will never know.....
I am 43 and have two young children. I can barely get through the day. My mother and I were best friends and talked everyday. I' m still going to the phone to call her.
I really feel like I may need some grief counseling.... How can I ever get through this ??

Nov 24, 2011
Mom: The last member of the family I grew up with
by: Nancy

There is never a good time to lose a loved one, whether that person is 5. 25, or 105.

My father and only sibling died in their 40s, so I was "alone" with my mother until she died at age 90, a few months ago. We had a wonderful final conversation, and I am experienced with grief/grief recovery (am even a trained Hospice bereavement volunteer), yet it is almost unfathomable that I, in my 60s, have now lost the last member of the family I grew up with... the mother who has been in my life since I drew my first breath.

My mother is close to me, though she no longer walks this earth. And I am finding healing ways to memorialize her. Also, a google search brought me to this website.

I wish you all peace, comfort, and strength.

Nov 20, 2011
My mom
by: Nicole

I can SO relate to you!! When I read your post, it was like I was writing your post!! I lost my Dad 2/11/2000 and my Mom 11/3/11. I also lost my best friend!! I have cried so much my eyes hurt. I had my 4th child in May and I want to pick up the phone every second and talk to her--I KNOW how you feel. My thoughts and prayers are w/ you as we both grieve.

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