I miss you dad.

by Audrey
(Clinton township)

My dad was diagnosed with acute luekemia which was brought on by the myelodisplastic syndrome he battled for years. Three years worth of infusions very six weeks. He was always strong and positive. I can't imagine being told my life is ending and remain as calm as he was. This is very difficult for me, we had a close relationship. I got to spend a lot of time with him before he died. On July 27, my dad passed with his loving family surrounding him. I thought my life was over too. I am devastated! I'm sad all the time. Working as a funeral director is difficult, I work with family and they are not so compassionate. I miss him soo much.

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Sep 28, 2014
Hi Audrey, I need your help!
by: Jennie

I am so very sorry for your loss, my condolences. For better access to advice and support, please click on "The Grief Club" button on the left for access to the new Forum. We want to keep this great online grief resource going and need your help! Please re-post this or put a new submission there. All your friends are waiting...

Hi Pat from Green Bay, and Anonymous MI:

Could you please contact me via "Contact Us" button to the left? I need your help for the transition. Thanks so much!

Sep 19, 2014
Dear Audrey
by: Vb

I'm so sorry about your loss, I lost my dad the 4th November 2013, i am still devastated by this and my heart is broken but as time has gone on it hasn't got easier but I have become used to the feeling, I think you get stronger everyday. Keep your Family close and make sure you still speak about him. I had a close relationship like yours and I'm sure he is proud of how you're dealing with it all. Keep strong and keep remembering every detail. It helps! Lots of love

Sep 16, 2014
Dear Audrey,
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry to read about your Dad. I lost my father in January 2013, and I miss him so, so much. I am an only child, and had a wonderful relationship with my father. He died suddenly, and the shock of it all has devastated me. I can tell you that each day gets a bit easier, and I have finally come to the point of acceptance. It is such a hard place to get to, but I am working through it. I hope you find a lot of support and comfort here.I will keep you in my thoughts, Barb

Sep 16, 2014
I mis you dad
by: Doreen UK

Audrey I am sorry for your loss of your father. I lost my husband to cancer 2yrs. ago and he died over 3yrs.39days and it was a hard cancer journey where he too was dying slowly. He didn't want to die. I often wondered what was going through his head and how people feel when they know they are going to die from a terminal illness. It is such a hard battle for the whole family.
Being a Funeral Director will carry it's challenges and difficulties. When you have to bury/cremate your close loved family member. It then becomes personal and your understanding of the grief experience will be hard to bear with the extreme raw grief pain that goes on from months to years.
Know this that we all will heal from our grief in time. It is not an on going pain. The best way forward is ONE DAY AT A TIME.!!

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