I Miss You Mom

by Susan

I lived with my Mother for most of my life except for 10 years of when I was married. I was able to take care of her and work 80 hours a week till almost the end. We didn't always get along but I guess I never thought I would feel so lost without her and feel such pain. She has been gone for 5 months now and I was doing pretty well the last month or so but now I feel sick and lost and depressed. I guess it's harder since I still live in her home.

She was a 101 when she passed with her mind still very good. I know she is with God now and that gives me much consolation but I still miss her so much it hurts. I don't have a husband now nor do I have children and siblings so I feel very alone. Gosh the pain can be so bad at times but I know it is natural and I must go through it. I am proud of myself for keeping on trying but really it is the hardest time of my life now. My friends have tried to be supportive but they just want me to get over it and move forward and feeling so down it is very hard to do.

I will keep trying and I will keep loving my Mom forever and I am happy that she had a gentle death. At 101 she was very blessed; never ever had any serious illnesses nor pain. I miss you Mom sooooo much and know that you are in God's hands but I wish you were still here and all the changes I have had to go through these last 5 months have been pretty scary and hard on me. Anyway Mom dear, take care in heaven and know that I love you and I wish you were still here and we were both young again. Luv you Mom!

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Jun 12, 2012
Missing my Angel:(
by: Esther M. Garcia

I lost my Mom December 18, 2009 The worst feeling in this world:( I miss her so much she was my Best friend my everything...My heart will always be empty without her For now all I have is her pictures and all the Beautiful memories we made together sometimes when I get sad i just think of her and ask her to please help me be strong the same way she was strong for my Brothers and I she died from cancer..Man seeing her die was so painful i just wanted to pick her up and save her from all that pain she was going thru...what helps me and makes me stronger everyday is that ''If I took the pain of loosing my Mom I can take anything or anyone'' God Bless her Beautiful Soul and everyone that's left Us to be in Heaven...I love you with every beat of my heart and theres not a day that goes by that I dont Think of U Mom...We love u sooooooo much One day well be together soon...

Feb 07, 2011
We are so much alike!
by: Anonymous

Everything you said is so true with me too! My Mother waited for me to come home from work everyday and I made her day by just being there with her and talking to her and fixing her her favorite foods. I too find it very hard living in her house with still so much of her things there (even though I have changed things so much). Her presence will always be with us and their spirits. The grieving is soooo much harder than I ever dreamt it would be, but hopefully time will heal us. Take care and know that I am feeling for you and share that loss as our comparisons are so alike. I realize now too how fast time flies and I am trying to appreciate our days now ahead of us as a whole new world. My doctor says that now I have to find out who I am as I am now not defined by my Mother which is so true. Taking it one day is the only way for you and you will have good days and bad but time does heal and I wish you much sympathy in your loss. Just know that I will be thinking of you because our stories are so alike and I hope we both find our new paths in life without our dear Mother's!

Feb 04, 2011
I understand
by: Anonymous

I understand how you feel and how you weren't prepared for the depth of your grief. I lost my mom Oct. 14, 2010 to the flu. I have lived with my Mom my entire life except for 4 or 5 yrs and I will be 47 years old on Feb 7, 2011. I too live in her house surrounded by her things. I come home and expect to see her sitting in her chair. I wake up and expect to see her in the kitchen drinking coffee waiting on me to get ready and come have a cup before i head to work. I wake up in the middle of the night and still go looking for her to see if she is up and needs anything. I go down the isle in the grocery store and still try to by her favorite things. I have even bought some and brought them home and now they sit staring at me in the cabinet. I can still smell her perfume in her room. At times i swear I hear my Mom. Without her I feel lost and incomplete. She was Mom to all my friends and we all miss her and love her. This years family vacation is dedicated to Mom some friends family and i are renting a house in the mountains like she always loved to do and going to enjoy time together and remember Mom. Yes I am grieving and mourning the loss of my Mom as are you but we will both be all the better from having known these women we called MOM.

Jan 06, 2011
or Susan
by: Mari

You are very welcome Susan. I am interested in the fact that she saw angels in the garden. I think that was quite a wonderful sign that she would be with the angels. What was her reaction to seeing the angels? I am willing to bet she felt a calm peaceful feeling. God gave her a long life which was a gift.

I thought of my husband today as I held a brand new baby girl , my great grandaughter. .He would be so happy and I can just picture him holding her. She is a beautiful little girl and made my day Her name is Avery Dakota and she weighs 8 pounds 3 on and 2o in long. She's beautiful. God gave me the great grandchild I wanted and he also made my mom a great great so we have 5 generations going.

We have our sorrows but God gives us joy too.
Your mom was no doubt the Proverbs 31 woman. We have the assurance of meeting our loved ones in heaven. Take care, God bless you. Keep posting. We care for you. Mari

Jan 05, 2011
Thank you for your story
by: Denise

I just lost my Mom 12/28/10. The pain is so big in my chest and I feel in a fog. I found this site and your story was inspiring. I lived next door to my mom for 8 years now. I have no idea who I am without my mother... God Bless You

Jan 05, 2011
Thank you!
by: Mari

Thank you so much Mari for your kind and thoughtful message. God is taking good care of her now and that gives me such consolation. Another interesting thing was that a week before she died at the nursing home they and the minister called me telling me she was seeing angels in the garden. What's really ironic too is that 2 years prior to her death while she was living at home she was seeing and hearing angels so what does that tell us. God certainly does exist and I get so much strength from him. Thank you again Mari.....

Jan 05, 2011
My mum radiates love
by: Kim

Our mum passed over on Sunday morning.
now ....... free, beautiful and enlightened.

May our sadness be a journey of discovery and truth.

Allow us to be a better people through this once in a lifetime experience.

As you guide us especially at this time, please help us to resolve any fears that I may have, things that I didn't say, do or be.

May we radiate the true love that you are now part of.

Jan 05, 2011
I miss you mom
by: Mari

I am so sorry to hear of your loss Susan. I realize this is very sad time for you. The grieving process is hard but must be gone through for healing to take place.

Your mom was blessed to live to be 101. She lived to her Biblical ''mighty years'' and beyond.
Now as for there being times you did not get along I think that is perfectly normal. My mother is 84 and she still bosses us around via email (her kids are all in their 60's) from Washington State. When my husband passed away she got a plane down here and she took care of everything. She is a no nonsense person.

My heart goes out to you at this time. Just lean on the Lord and let time heal you. We are here for you and this is a wonderful board. God bless you.

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