I Miss You Nancy

by Susan Truitt
(Columbus, Ohio)

My baby sister, my best friend, told me to start taking care of myself instead of worrying about everyone else. Two hours later I got the call she shot herself in her backyard. She had one beer, cigarette, and an 8x10 of her only grandchild who was 8 months old. She had a horrible argument with her crazy daughter the day before.
My sister never said an unkind word about anyone so the fight and horrible words exchanged that day consumed her.
It's been 7 years this month, November 28. I still find days when I just cannot cope with missing Nancy so badly.

Yesterday I received a call about a good friend of our family who took her life by gunshot to the head, she was only 34 years old. She left behind her 14 year old son whom
She adored and her husband who adored her. She was kind enough to write letters to her parents, who are dealing with their only other child an adult son who is a drug dependent. Her mom's birthday was yesterday. A letter for her son and one for her husband, both left nearby. Does it give them solace? I would not know because my sister did not leave notes.
Why do they want to leave the ones who love them so much?

Who is next?

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Nov 30, 2012
I miss u nancy
by: Anonymous

Sorry for loss as well. Everything you say is so true but honestly it feels like part of my soul is gone with her and I can't shake the emptiness. I am sure your sister feels the same.

Nov 25, 2012
I Miss You Nancy
by: Doreen U.K.

Susan I am sorry for your loss of your sister 7 years ago. sometimes grief is stored up and we think we are moving forward and some memory can trigger off other memories that overhwhelm us and leave us grieving again.
You will never get over losing your sister. You are family. I am also sad for the other friends you relate who shot herself and left letters for her grieving family who loved her.
Your sister did not leave a letter and this doesn't mean she loved her family any less. Some people think things through. This is pre-meditated suicide. Others end their lives in a quick way without thought due to the unbalance of their mind at the time.
My nephew 30yrs. was on anti-depressants that cause suicidal feelings. 5 years ago he threw himself in front of an express train. His mother (my sister) was MAD with GRIEF and she had to have a counsellor come to her home and support her. She was in a devastating state, as if she was in an explosion and she couldn't function. She is in a better place now but she will have the scars forever. She is supported on her forum of compassionatefriends.com. the website for those who have lost a child. Life is very difficult for all of us but more so for those who can't cope and see suicide as the only way out. Even society is crumbling and many feel abandoned with nowhere to go, or no one who will understand so the only way out for them is to end their life. This way they see as ending their pain and suffering. It is the ones left behind who go through such terrible suffering from this loss.

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