♥I miss you so much grandpa♥

by Clarice

I miss my grandpa a lot,it's now 15years and I don't understand why it's affecting me now so much, I was 7 years old when he died. I was young but I remember a lot about him and the time I spent with him.
I just need my grandpa back, it's so painful and I can't stop crying. I don't remember this ever affecting me before but now it does.
I remember being told that he had died but I don't remember my reaction at all, I know I didn't cry either.
I didn't get to attend his funeral so maybe it's because I didn't get to say goodbye to him. My grandma died a year before my grandpa, but I got to say goodbye to her, and I never had an issue with her death like I'm having with the death of my grandpa. Maybe because with my grandpa we had a special bond, I don't know.
But is it normal to grieve someone who died 15years ago and I was only 7years old. Now 15years later I can't stop crying..I miss him so much, I just wish he was still alive or at least lived longer.
I love you so much grandpa.

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Nov 06, 2014
I still miss my Poppa
by: Danielle

I miss my "Poppa" terribly, even after all these years. My Father "bailed" on me and my mother when I was only months old, We went to live with Poppa, to try and recoup and regroup.The days turned into months, the months into years.I still remember him standing at the bus stop, crying, on my first day of school. I know he quietly helped Mom get and keep the apartment we eventually moved into, although he never said a word about it.
He was at EVERY dance recital, and play I was ever in. He met me center stage at my High School graduation, and gave me a single red rose. (I still have that flower pressed in a book)
I have so very many fond memories of him,All the times we went on camping adventures, and Sunday cruises in his old triumph.He surprised me just before Christmas when I was 14, by taking me to New York City, on a shopping adventure, I will never forget that!
He came by almost every Sunday,We'd watch football and then he'd take us out to dinner.
I learned so many things from him, he really made me the Woman I am today, he is and was the Father I never really had. He passed away when I was twenty, some eight years ago. I still get weepy when I think of him.

I have his old Triumph now, and have been restoring it. I am getting married this May, and fully expect to drive away from the church in Poppa's Triumph!
I hope to have a son in the future, so I can honor Poppas memory by giving my boy his name, and tell him about the wonderful man he never met.
I Love and miss you "Poppa"

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Apr 05, 2013
My Pop was my Rock,
by: David

I am 68 yrs old and spent my last few years being a grandpaw to a few children who did not have a Dad or grandfather in their life..I lost my Pop to cancer when I was 14yr old .i still miss him dearly... One of the last things he said to me before he died. " all ways help take care of kids with out a grandpaw. Share yourself and make them feel loved.. I have followed his advice..... Pop

Jan 18, 2013
I know how you feel...
by: Anonymous

I was also very young when I lost my grandfather, I was 5 1/2 years old, and he passed away on Christmas eve. He was the only Grandfather I had, and even though I grew up with my father in my life, my grandpa was the closest thing to a father I ever had. I'm 21 now, and it took me until about a year and a half ago to really recognize that he's gone. their isn't a day that goes by where he isn't on my mind, where I don't miss him, and where my heart doesn't ache from missing him. So I know how you feel, it's really hard, and it's something that can never be replaced in your heart. Stay strong <3. I know it's hard, just remember, your Grandfather is ALWLAYS with you in spirit, ALWAYS by your side, and ALWAYS in your heart. <3.

Dec 29, 2012
I miss you so much grandpa.
by: Doreen U.K.

Clarice I am so sorry for your loss of your grandpa. You were only 7yrs. of age. You didn't go to his funeral. This is why you are now feeling the pain and loss because you did not express this at the time. You have grown up and matured and so this death will affect you now. You have repressed your grandpa's death. This means that the feelings are lying down deep inside you and is now coming to the surface for you to grieve. Also you say you had a good relationship with your grandpa and the intensity of this relationship will affect your grief. Don't worry if you are crying a lot. This is good. This is where your healing is coming from. Even after 15yrs. is not too long a time to grieve now. My brother-in-law has not grieved for his parents in over 36yrs. Every time someone dies it brings up new feelings and he is just storing this up. This is not a wise thing to do but for some people they find this is the way for them. Sooner or later what is deep down inside us will come to the surface for us to resolve. It will show up in different ways like stress, anxiety, depression in later life and this is when people start going to see the doctor and put on anti-depressants to help them cope. Everyone uses a different method of coping with grief. Better to deal with it now. You can also go and see a Grief counsellor for support as they are trained to deal with prolonged grief that has a long duration. They are skilled to deal at a deep level of repressed grief. You can also keep a journal and write in this every day letters to your grandpa and also express how you feel and how his death has affected your life. They are all therapeutic ways of dealing with grief and helps to get the pain out of your system. It is also a very mature way of dealing with your emotions and sorrow. You will recover in time. You will move forward into a happier person. You will get your life back. This sorrow won't last forever,

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