i miss you

my grandma was an italian immigrant that grew up with nothing and learned to speak english by the age of 12. she was the first of her family to graduate from college and was a substitute teacher. later on when my brother and i was born, she loved us babysat us cooked, cleaned, bought gifts for us. we were. her everything and we loved her angreat amount she loved golfing, shopping and coffee i remember her sitting in her favorite chair in her apron drinking her coffee. i miss it. on june 26 2006 she was diagnosed with late stages of lung cancer she bece criticly ill but i was told it eas treatable and shed get better. i missed her being herself and happy,funny, and kind to everyperson she met. on the morning of 5 years ago to the day 11/18/06i woke up it was a beutiful fall day i went to the ice rink with my dad and he got a call from my mom to come help with my grandma my dad left me and my brother at our cousins for the day. at 9:30 i came home my mom sat me and my brother on the couch and said "boys, grandma passed away today" i rememeber being in utter disbalief how a woman that cheerfull happy and kind could be taken away from my life in a flash. i cried for 3 days straight. i was 10 years old am was the first out of my friends to lose a grandparent. its the toughest thing ive had to do in life to finally see her raised down into her grave at only 70 years old. when the wake and funeral was over i couldnt get over the sadness i felt, that year in school i had problems focusing, behaving, and just being my all around self. after 5 years. i still havent gotten to beyself im much more shy and have trouble focusing, everynight before bed i say a prayer to my grandma to help me with school and getting back to being myself again. as im writing this withbtears rolling down my eyes i think about the fun times we had together on vacations,holidays,and just spending time with family. i miss you so much grandma and will never forget you i love you.

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