I really miss my Mom!

Although I lost my mother Diana in April 1998, I still remember like it was yesterday. It was the day that my life changed forever. You see, I loved my mother more than life itself. She was very well liked and loved by all. She displayed kindness in every way. She wasn't a saint, but she was close to it. My mother died from breast cancer and she knew of her condition for 2 years prior, but chose to keep it to herself. I have wrestled with this fact she couldn't tell me. I now understand that she wanted to spare us the pain. My mother could have told me anything. I would never judge her because she taught me not to. I still don't know what I would do if I had it. She chemo/radiation done and I felt so helpless as to what to do to comfort her. Her appetite diminished and she had no strength. She was gone in 3 months. To those who have recently lost your moms: Don't let anyone tell you how long and when to grieve. Some may say "Get over it, already". I would give my life in order to see her again. As I cry as I write this, I remember the great times and will continue to cherish her legacy.


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Nov 26, 2013
My Mom

I lost my mother this January. I thought about her almost every single day. I wish I can tell her how much I love her and miss her. I wish she is still here. I wish I can talk to her about everything. I will never get over her. I was very close to my mom. You can tell her almost everything. She loved me no matter what. And she was my best friend.
She always on my side. I wished I listen to her more. And did not make her sad or hurt her feelings.I regret the things and wish I could take it back. But of course my mom will always forgive me no matter what. That makes me even more sad. I think about her especially when I was young going around with her. And all the things we did together. I really miss her. Many time I thought about her and my heart breaks especially the last few months before she die. Do people really need to suffer and sad before they die? Do people really have to suffer after they already suffer so much already. And most of all I miss her gentle smile and her laughter!

Sep 02, 2012
Enough already!
by: Emma

My mother died 5 years ago and I am so emotionally/existentially destroyed. I'm English and, true to type, was brought up in a fairly cold household; stiff upper lip and all that (i'm an only child). My mum showed her affection through amazing cooking and nurtured me with fine food. Since she died I have completely lost my appetite and can't enjoy good food without bursting into tears. I love her so much and miss her daily, she is so present in my life; I really can't stand it. How long will this continue? I have no children or family of my own, which, I think, would have been a comfort in my grief.

Aug 28, 2012
I really miss my Mom
by: Federico

Everything I read in this post is true. Now, unfortunately, I know how people have lost their Loved Ones (Mom) they feel. But people surrounds, relatives... They say we must go forward. I lost my Mom last year, and I find myself absolute alone, living in the same house We lived until. Dear Michelle, to recover from this grief, the only thing to do is going forward, quited tears. Is a hard job, but is the only way. I hope someday. And I understand very well what's happened and this feelings.

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