i still dont know why

by michele

Why??? Why did he do it? My husband of 3 years ended our marriage breaking up his to kids and my two kids and us. I didn't even know he was that unhappy. Yes, things weren't great. Second marriage, exes, blended family...lots of hurdles. And then one day, it was over. Two months later, he is in a relationship. Not only do I feel abandoned, I feel like I meant absolutely nothing to him. He is absolutely emotionally detached from hurting not only me but my daughters. I want to scream at him but what good will that do me. I need resolution. How can I get it? Why?????? I don't understand.

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Jun 01, 2012
I completely understand
by: Melaine

I've noticed that only women so far on comments have gone thru this.

My husband of 2 1/2 years decided in January of this year that he was unhappy in our marriage and I had no clue....I was totally happy and totally in love with this man...he meant everything to me. Anyway, I asked him how long has he been unhappy with our relationship and he said 2 1/2 years....that's our entire marriage!! I was completely crushed.

He gave me one month to "wow" him.....I didn't get to spend time with him, he was always hanging around his parents and other people would come in at 9pm and go to bed. he was very mean and cold to me, needless to say a couple of days before the month was over he texted me that he wanted a separation and I needed to move out....he moved me to this town from my hometown an hour away...I only know the people I work with and some of his friends. Thank God my son moved here because I had NO place to live. So, I moved in with him and his girlfriend.

A month later he texted me he wanted a divorce we couldn't fix this and we just weren't meant to be. ...after he found out about my online dating profile he freaked out on me and stated he wanted to "see where this goes" and that he "was in no hurry to get a divorce". I don't know where I stand with this man and my heart is broken....he wants to see where this goes but I only hear from him via text and he makes no effort to work on this....I don't know what happened to him to him and caused him to be "unhappy". He started working at a new place about 40 miles away about 9 months before and I wonder if he has met someone there or has feelings for someone there that he is keeping from me....he's on the fence about us so I am allowing him to keep me in limbo while he decides what he wants.....I cry everyday.

May 01, 2012
I understand
by: Erica

Im so sorry this happened to you and I can relate.Although you want answers more than likely you may not get one now but in time everything has to come full circle. he will have to face the pain that he caused you because the bible says you will reap what you sow. You may even get an apology. In the meantime you need to go through your healing process completely. This is hard and no one will seem to understand but trust in God and pray. Fight through your healing and focus on your kids. You will draw strength from them. People can be selfish and he seems to be the type to run instead of solving problems. My ex was unhappy for two years and even proposed during that time. Until one day he moves in with a new woman he claims to be in love with. Don't worry wait on God there is better out there for you

Apr 21, 2012
I am sorry that has happened to you
by: Nancy

I don't think that anyone can ever understand what goes on in the heart and mind of someone else. I would only hope that for yourself and your daughters that you find a place of inner healing - a place of comfort whereby you get to move on. Someday you may have a chance again to meet someone who can love you and your daughters. In the meantime I hope you find the peace, love, joy, hope and faith to help you carry on another day. Seek the comfort of each other.

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