I thought i knew you.

by Seiara

I thought I knew you.
You and your big blue eyes.
I thought I knew you
But you were keeping something hidden inside
This part of you that I don’t know

But every moon has a dark side that we can't see
Every human does also, why did I think yours didn’t exist.
I don’t know you anymore.
You hurt me and go about your day
I don't know you anymore

You could have just came to me
Instead of ruining this way we had
Why’d you have to do that one thing, that thing that I believe is so bad
Behind my back you went and will forever stay

In my past you only play
In my mind I think of you
It makes me ill and yet I can't keep still my thoughts of you
In my head you don't stay still.

How I love you, and yet hate you at the same time
How I wanted you to hold me and comfort me
At the same time hating you and despising you
Knowing it would be wrong, but feel so right
I've never had worse of a night
For there was no sleep and no relief

I don’t know you, that’s for sure.
I don’t know you.
This new you, im trying to close the door.
Look back and smile, on what we had
So good for a while.

I pray to god u become the old person I knew
I know what we had was love
Deep in my heart I truly do
I thought I knew you.
But the truth is I did.
You changed.

I pray to god you become the old person I knew
Because I want to someday know that person again.

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