I want my 4 year old sister back!!!!!!!!! :(

by Emily
(newyork )

I was at school when i found out...my mom had called the school and the office called me down and told me i had to go home.My mom picked me up and said were going to the hospital to see your sister :( I said what happened! My mom said you will see when we get there...we got there about 15mins later :[ She was laying in the hospital bed crying:[[[[ My mom told me that somebody on her bus shot her and she had a bullet right through her chest :'{ Then i started talking to her and i said i love you then she said i love you to Emmy <3 Then she said im dieing and i said no your not :'( Then she i love you so much bye :"( Then i said i love you to then she ignored me so i said Aleah and i got no answer.Then the nurse walked in and checked her heart and it had stopped and she was dead.This is all im typing because i'm all ready crying now :'( R.I.P ALEAH I WILL SEE U IN HEAVEN ND IM SOO SORRY THIS HAPPENED TO U :'( I LOVE U <3

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Mar 05, 2014
I'm sorry
by: Anonymous

This had me in tears, I'm so so sorry for your lose.. Words can't express what that must of been like or what your still going through. Much love to you and your family xo

Apr 16, 2013
Your sister
by: Kate

Emmy,I am soo sorry your sister died and you have had this terrible tragedy come! Your whole family will be heartbroken for a long time. This world has many bad things happen that make no sense!
It is so hard to accept death. You are going to feel many things as you go through the grief of losing you sister. It leaves a huge hole inside hat no one can fill. Her love will always be with you.She was dying and wanted you to know she loved you! She left her love with you forever. In time your pain will be
not so hard.
I know you will never stop missing her but always remember how much she loved you! You can come on here and post anything you are feeling because we all on here are hurting deep.
I lost my son 5 months ago and i Know your mom has to be so
lost too.Try to pull together as a family. Take one slow day at a time and if you pray,beg God to help you.
I send you love and hugs and do believe that we can heal from this deep pain. It takes time and lots of it but slowly we do.
I hope this helps a little.

Apr 15, 2013
I want my 4 year old sister back !!!!!!!!!:(
by: Doreen U.K.

Emily I am sorry for your loss of your sister to a sudden death. This is such a senseless tragedy from someone who had no value for a human life and for the family who would suffer this loss. Your mom will be so heartbroken losing her child. You are going to go through some tough days ahead coming to terms with the loss of a sister. You should see the school counsellor and make sure that you are coping with the loss of your sister. Grief doesn't happen all at one time. Every day you will experience different emotions and feelings. You will feel confused, and wonder if this really happened. You will move in and out of reality. I was numb for days when I lost a loved one and I am still feeling very sad and unhappy almost 1 yr. later. The early days are the worst but this grief could go on for some time. It will be very important for you to talk and express how you feel so that you can cry and heal from this loss of your sister.
The person who shot your sister had no regard for life. I hope he is caught and locked up so he cannot hurt anyone else. Your sister was still very much a baby. This is so very cruel and heart breaking. You can keep a journal and write out your feelings so that you are expressing how you feel. You can even write letters to your sister of how you feel and what her death has done to you and your family and how you miss her. Write anything you want. This is your memory book of your sister and your family and what death did to you all as a family.
May God comfort you all as a family and bring Peace to you all in the midst of your grief and loss.

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