i want my mum back

i am an only child and although im 52 i feel like an orphan .i lost my dad in 1984 and my first partner in 1985.i ended up in a psychiatric ward for 2 months never got over the loss got married in 1987 to a good man ive got 2 sons and 1 granddaughter .my best friend of 30 yrs died in may 2010 and my mum died in 2011 and i feel like im going crazy .i was one adored child and had a wonderful childhood .just 4 months before mum died i had problems with her sisters taken her from hospital without my permission anyway the last 3months of my mum life were horrendous i had to get police to get my mum back to me 4 days before she died i am sorry have to stop there to upset to write any more maggie

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Mar 15, 2013
I want my mum back
by: Doreen U.K.

Maggie I am sorry for all the losses of family from your life that has caused you to need psychiatric support. You may benefit more now from seeing a counsellor. I was sent to a psychiatrist because of depression and they put me on drugs that messed me up. I ended up with the best counsellor who gave me excellent counselling and I have never looked back. I got my life back. I am not on any medication and I cope with life better and loss.
When we lose so many people from our lives it can unbalance us. Try and see your life as a journey and you are passing through and God gave you many good people along the way to make your life better but they were just loaned to you and so you had to let them go back to God who gave them to you. You are not alone. YOu still have God with you. Lean on Him more and ask Him to put new people in your life to walk with you and make your life better.
I am sorry for what your aunties did to your mum to cause you more problems. I have relatives who are so interfering. They thought they had the right to bury my husband and make all the decisions. They even asked him where he got his money from. It was none of their business. Now His daughters are doing the interfering and think we should not be living in her uncle's house. I have been through so much now that I am glad I believe in a God who is going to fight this battle for me. Dry your tears. Go see a grief counsellor who will put everything in perspective for you and you will start to feel better in time. I wish I could have my husband back. He was my protector on earth. I feel so exposed now to the problems of relatives who are still in my face. Perhaps these are just the initial days of loss and things will take time to settle down for all of us.

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