I want to hear my sister's voice

by Maureen

Today is September 24, 2012. Three days ago was the worst day of my life when I received the phone call that has now changed my life forever. My sister Faith was 35 years old. She lived overseas with her family and was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma almost two years ago. She was married with three beautiful daughters, age 12 and the twins age 8. Although I didn't see her, we always talked on the phone and Skyped. Just hearing her voice made me feel like she was right next to me. We talked about music, books, cooking, the kids, religion, her illness and life and death. She has always been my best friend. Faith fought to the end but she had recently told me her body was giving out. She had done everything-chemo, radiation, medicine. She had long beautiful red hair that you could never buy out of a box and eyes of blue standing five foot ten. Her skin was like snow. My sister never went out in the sun because it made her sick and she developed tumors under her skin that took over her body when finally her white cells were not reproducing. I have been going through every emotion and even worse when I spoke to my niece, Sarah. How to explain something to a 12 year old child when you don't understand yourself. Faith had told her sister-in-law even two days before "I'm not going to die from this, am I?" I had got to talk her when she slipped into a coma and heard the monitor moving faster. Shortly after my mom and I talked to her, she went to sleep.
I stayed strong until the next day, then it all set in. I wanted to hear her voice. I wanted to talk to her. I wanted to tell her I loved her. Regret, guilt, sadness.
The one thing I do want to do is to get a petition going for dna testing to for melanoma patients. I believe that melanoma patients should be tested for the gene. If Faith would have been tested, it could have possibly saved or prolonged her life. She had taken the biopsy just a few weeks ago, but did not have the money to send for the test. By then, she was already in the hospital because her white cells weren't reproducing. Something needs to be done to save a life because no one deserves to go through this kind of pain. I am in mourning. I don't think the pain will ever go away.

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