i was 13 when my mom died im 16 now

by Austen Link
(Pine Plains NY)

my mom committed suicide in front of me 3 years ago, it doesn't seem too bother me. but ever sense i have been in a lot of trouble and am quiet. people say im a broken child but i don't feel it. but maybe its just hidden

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Apr 24, 2012
by: Anonymous

how awful! did you get any kind of counseling? I can not even begin to imagine how that felt for you. You need to talk to someone about it and your feelings. love and hugs.

Apr 24, 2012
by: Rose

I don't like the term broken. It means defective or faulty. You are neither of those. I believe you are sad and probably suffer from shock and grief. You are still a child and were very young when this happened. What a hurt to your tender heart. Please know you are loved by God. You may not feel it right now,but He loves you. He will heal your sadness and give you the time you need to feel okay to go to Him. He is not pushy. He will wait for you to turn to Him.
I lost my daughter ayear ago and feel very sad some days. I know your heart hurts, mine does too.
We can cry together, it's okay.

Apr 24, 2012
losing your mom at 13 years old
by: Anonymous

dear austen:
Its impossible to even imagine what you have gone through and what you continue to live with. In my estimation suicide is the most devastating as its a choice and those left behind feel they could have done something to avoid this. To see your mom and then to be so young, its too sad to even imagine.
you definitely need counseling for relatives of a suicide victim. Life is difficult enough for a young person today but you need a lot of love and understanding to get you through this.
If you don't go to church you need to start. God is your only salvation.

Apr 24, 2012
Reach out
by: Helen

O Austen, I.'m so proud of you to come to this site and try to express yourself. you say you are quiet, however since your mum died your getting into trouble, have you tried to look at why your getting into trouble? I got into trouble when I was 13 because I was hurting inside, I was very angry too. My mum left me and my sister with dad. it hurt so much, and I was lashing out at everyone and anyone and my teachers said the same about me.
Austen, please find someone at your school or a family member to talk to, on a regular bases so as you don't over compensate by getting into trouble.
By coming here to this site, you are beginning to look into yourself and see that there is a connection with getting into trouble and your mum dying in front of you.
My wish for you Austen is to find someone you can talk to share your true feelings about your Mother.
The pain and shock you have experienced at such a young age, needs to be addressed so that you can move forward without you carrying the guilt and pain of your mother into relationships with other people.
Your mother was in a very dark place and no one was able to reach into it. You are not responsible for her death, she chose to go and it is extremely important for you to know that you could not ever stop her from taking her own life. I repeat again you could "never" have stopped her from taking her own life. She chose to go.
Austen I hope you find some peace in your life after such a tragic loss at such a young age.

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