I was daddy's little girl <\3

by lucy

I was 17 when my dad passed away, I'm almost 19 now and I think I'm ready to share my story, well our story. He died from pneumonia, but he also had many problems with his bowels and had several operations, it was drinking alcohol that caused his sickness.
He never used to be so dependent, he'd have a bottle a night to get him to sleep, then after he and my mum split up and he moved out into his own apartment, this is the place he died.
We never used to be close, only when he moved out did we really start talking, he sometimes would phone me and tell me how he still loved us all very much and that one day he'd get better and him and my mum would get married meaning we'd be a proper family again.
Those last three years did I get to truly know the kind loving person my dad was, he was so sorry that he couldn't change, he'd tried so many times until he gave up, the pain that he was in he just prayed for god to take him, I couldn't stand seeing him in pain, hearing him cry broke my heart, so I prayed that god would take him too, he belonged with the angels he was a good man and a good father to all of us, I just truly miss him and I'm sorry that he had to suffer for so long, maybe I will get past the anguish and grief one day, I will always be your little girl, I know there is a god and I know your waiting in his garden for us all to be a family again, in a peaceful place with eternal love, goodnight daddy. Xxxxxxx

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