I was verbally abusive to my exgirlfriend for 8years

by frank
(tucson az)

I was with my beautiful girlfriend for 8years. We have to kids of our own and I have a sone from a previous relationship who she considered to be her own. She bent over backwards for me. I treated her like crap told her some of the worst things imaginable. Throughout our relationship we would always breakup.she would run straight to her mom's house.i would make all these broken promises to her to get her back.when she came back we were good but soon after back to the same old routine. So she finally left 6m ago. The first 2 months she would still say I love you. Then one day she went cold. It was Hard for me to handle.i even checked myself into a behavioral health center.i had crazy thoughts going through my head. I spent 5 days there and when I got out i had to drop off my kids I asked her if she had meant anybody she said yes an old friend from school. This was in June I guess they hit off because I was told he went to my daughters birthday party in August.she still told me she had no boyfriend. Fast forward to September and now they are together. I've been getting help counseling and seeing a psychiatrist to better myself. It kind of makes sense that from the point she met this guy she turned cold told me to move on.im devastated that she moved on so quick. Even though I don't deserve her because of how I treated her.im sure she was out the relationship before she actually left.i told her I was upset because she didn't let me know she was taking my daughters around another man. It's something we both agreed on.i haven't introduced the kids to anybody because im not ready to be in a relationship. I knew something was up when all of a sudden she was being so nice to me. When I dropped off girls she would flirt a lil with me tell me to be careful.i waited outside her mom's house for my daughter and she brings me out some water. It didn't make sense till now. She has a new boyfriend. Sorry I'm all over the place. I'm just so shocked.

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Sep 28, 2014
I was verbally abusive to my ex girlfriend for 8 years
by: Doreen UK

Frank you say you were verbally abusive to your ex girlfriend and you treated her bad and you don't deserve her! Well she has moved on and you are now devastated. What did you expect?
With you going into counselling and to see a psychiatrist are all good positive steps to take to help yourself move forward better. BUT. To expect your Ex girlfriend to wait around for you is too much to expect.
When you become verbally abusive you can damage a person by breaking their Spirit and to break a person's spirit can mean that you can lose them forever. This is the reality of what happened in your relationship. Any new man in your Ex girlfriends life would want to support her. if this means looking out for your girls means someone cares. to interfere for personal reasons could cause more harm to your girls. Don't go in all guns blazing but talk reasonably to your ex girlfriend and put some measures in place that will be mutually acceptable to both of you. You may eventually move on with your life and have a new girlfriend who will also be part of your daughter's life. The girls should be a priority. Don't do anything to upset this balance in their lives. Everyone can come out of this relationship as winners. All getting along for the best for the girls. Only then can you all go on to enjoy your lives in the future. Being courteous and respectful will mean that relationships are mended and not destroyed.

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