I will always love you forever and always mommy! <3

Well my mom died on Febuary 12th , 2012 at around 2:50 A.M. i miss her very much im only twelve so its alot for me to take in she died from liver failure and congestive heart failure we used to be very close it still feels like when i walk through the door she will be sitting there waiting to ask how my day was she was the greatest i miss her so much its unbelieveable that she died cause we werent expecting it at all and now its kinda hard to only have a dad to talk to u know as a girl growing up u need that mother figure in ur life and now unfortunately i dont have that any more and its kinda hard to hear my friends talking about there moms when all i have is some memerories to share over and over...... i love u mommy wait at the gates for me would ya i cant wait to see u again in like 70 years cause im gonna live a long and happy life

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May 13, 2012
small friendy
by: nadia

hi friendy my mom also died of liver cancer and it was awfull. only 5 months ago. i wish i could say that it gets easier but its like a rollercoaster of flashing memories and feelings. you sound positive and i wish you all the best and know that you are hurting . i am 32 and my relationship with my mother was the same at 12 as it was at 31. i will always miss her hugs and kisses. will always miss her advise . but i am going to make her proud and live a long and happy life like you , cause she would have wanted it that way. stay strong little me.

May 12, 2012
I will always love you forever
by: Anonymous

God Bless you! You seem to be so corageous at the age of 12. Im am so sorry this has happened to you and I also lost my mom this year on January 19,2012 at 12:04 p.m. She had small cell lung cancer and had hospice coming in to ck on her at ther apartment which I also did even though she was 15 miles away from me. She was all bones but had the most positive attitude I have ever encountered and my best friend. I couldn't have asked for a better Mother and I am so lost without her and I am much older than you but I suffer and am so lost no matter a persons age it is an unimaginable grief/pain and we will miss them forever!. Gonna end this but wishing you all the best & greatest and the strength to overcome it and move on as I wish for myself. Happy Mother's day to your Mom and My Own. It's gonna be a really hard time for me but hope it wont be for you. Celebrate her Life and be tnankful for all she was to you..... Wishing you the best.

May 12, 2012
You sound like a sweetheart
by: Nancy

You sound like a sweetheart. I am so sorry for your loss. No young girl should have to grow up without a mother. I hope that you have an aunt, grandmother and someone in your church that can play that role for you as your grow up. I know that your father is going to be watching out for you but there will be times in your life when you will want to talk to a female older person. Try to stay clear from all the negative influences - and at your young age - there are so many. If you find life becoming too hard seek out a teacher, a guidance counselor or someone safe to talk to if you cannot talk to your dad. Your dad is usually your safest place. Always know that you can tap into here - you will find that there are people here that care about you - but be mindful - do not go off-line and share personal info with men.....Alcohol and drugs should never play a part in your life -- you sound like a brilliant girl --so I should not have probably said that but when we are going through a tough time - sometimes we need to hear those reminders...Your mother has instilled in you some of her talents, she has given you many memories, and has implanted all over you many love prints. You said you want to met up with her in seventy years - that gives you a long time to go out in the world and share with the rest of us, who your mom was, what memories, she left with you and what kind of love prints she put all over you ---go out now and do your job...and love your dad and those around...
Praying for you NANCY

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