I will always love you. My memorial for Perry Bryce W., my last gift.

by Katherine Williams

In this life we often wonder if we matter. Perry’s accomplishments in his obituary were very short and read:” Perry Bryce Williams was born on June 08, 2011. He was a happy baby, and well loved.” But although he was here for a short time, he did matter.
Perry began life as an answer to many prayers. He was wanted and cherished. His Sister Emily would talk to her brother before he was born, and gave kisses to him. In his first pictures, Emily is beaming. This is in spite of the disappointment of God giving her a baby boy.
While in the womb, we began to know him. It became apparent that he was a laid back personality. He would move lazily and only startled at tornado sirens overhead. Emergency sirens and loud noises didn’t faze him. He carried this through in life. He tolerated Dad’s harmonica, while Emily would take it away and hide it.
Perry Bryce began to make his debut at the Brentwood Fire Station Headquarters. Mom was quickly escorted by police car to Vanderbilt Hospital. This was not before making many firefighters nervous, and giving Lt Collins heartburn about his blue recliner. In the minutes after his birth, his Mom and Dad held his hands and wondered at the softness of his cheek as they kissed him. He was lovingly named after his Grandfather and Great Grandfather.
Perry found wonder in sunrays and dancing dust motes. He smiled to almost everyone, but was quicker to loved family members. He marveled at the complexity of his hands and found delight in his reflection. He loved walks in the woods with Dad and Emily and would stare in fascination as the setting sun made light flicker through the leaves above.
Perry was an accomplished traveler with trips to Oklahoma and St. Louis. The latter being his first time to fly in Juliet, Uncle David’s airplane. He would settle quietly in airplanes and protest shrilly in cars.
Perry was delighted by the strange sounds of laughter that bubbled from his own mouth. He greeted his family with hiccups of happiness, and took pleasure at simple needs that we, as adults, take for granted. He was very much a little boy, and leisurely celebrated a great meal or bottle of milk with a huge belch. He hated socks and shoes, but tolerated pumpkin hats and giraffe outfits with good humor. After waking on lazy mornings, he loved snuggling in the rocker, comfortable in his Mother’s or Father’s arms. On the floor, Perry would scoot towards toys with determination and was nicknamed Mr. Wiggles for his physical prowess. He loved to be held or carried and was most content in his carrier against his mother’s chest.
He made his family happy, and caused no harm. He taught those who loved him best to appreciate the creations that may seem ordinary to most. Perry was perfect, beautiful, and happiness.
Perry Bryce will be missed not only for the promise of the good man that he would have become, but for the simplicity of the baby he was. We thank God for the blessing of knowing Perry.
As I waited in Brentwood for Kristin to arrive to take me to the hospital, I was surrounded by many of you because I did not want to be alone. Some waited with me in the locker room, and others who were the doers found chairs to roll me out in, made calls, and stole the infamous shower curtain for the car. A few of you were even in the hospital with me, waiting with me until my husband arrived, or listening for Perry’s heartbeat minutes before he was born. I hope that you will continue to be there for us as you were for the start of his life. In the following time you will not always know what to say or do and that is ok. Just being there is sometimes enough. Please do not avoid talking about him. I want to know that although he was only here for a little while, he did exist and is remembered. Please talk about your children and babies, if I am sad, that is ok, because if I am sad I still remember. Perry was a rainbow baby and I recognize the joy that you take in your children. I am not afraid of the sadness or tears. I am most afraid of forgetting him, and if God is willing, there will only be memories for a long time before we are able to hold him again.
We love you and are thankful for your extreme kindness and support. We could not make it through without you and the belief that we will see him again.

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Jan 05, 2012
Praying for you
by: Anonymous

I heard about your story through my Grandmother, she goes to church with Jolene and Perry here in Lovington. When she called and told me that morning my heart sank to hear what happened. You see it was less than a month before we got a call that my six month old niece had went to be our Lord. So when we found out about your precious baby boy and knowing the pain we were already going through it just hurt. We have been praying for your family and will continue you too because we know more than anything how powerful prayer is. My sister has a blog she is writing, and although it is really tough to read it is pretty amazing. The blog is www.thebeaversjourney.blogspost.com. If you ever feel like reading it. You will continue to be in our prayers.

Nov 15, 2011
Your Story is Priceless
by: Geoffrey Campbell

Dear Katherine, your story about Perry is sooo beautiful that I wept at its beauty and I am saving it to read over when I am down. The amount of love poured into each word shines so brightly, that my heart melted, but prayed, "Dear God, if I make it to heaven, may you guide me to meet the parents of Perry, and their son Perry." Katherine, I believe that God in His mercy gives the child back to the parents at the age of passing, based on the Scriptures. So you will be not only reunited, but the bonding and the nurturing will not be missed, what a loving God. So many of the stories on this site are encouraging for those such as this reader, who have lost loved ones, but yours has a beauty that shines and has really helped me in a way I just don't understand.
Thank you Katherine, for sharing with us, your precious Perry! You are in my prayers, a friend in Scranton Pennsylvania, USA.

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