I Will Always Love You...

by HH

My Love,

As Valentines day draws near, I try to figure out where to put all the Love I had for you.

It did not disappear over time as I has thought. It merely turned into loneliness a want for what was (But can never be).

Can I Love again? Should I Love again? There is so much risk. I would do it all over again with you,having your Love for too short a time, knowing how soon your life ended.

We will not grow old as I had hoped. I age 10X each year that passes without you.

Each day is a miracle, or not (Einstein)

So I try to live life with that in mind...But I fear I will Miss and Love you Always...

Your Wife

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Feb 11, 2012
Our loves were the true loves
by: M Mack


We miss them soooo much. They have left us with a scar on our hearts slowly healing with time. I believe they would want us to find another someone to share our lives with. As for me, just not interested nor ready to let go. Sorry to say but I just don't see it for me right now. I am too judgmental, and don't feel anyone would compare to the person I had. I know he would never stack up to Raymond. I think you are held in the same place, by Paul's love. If only there was a magic potient to release us from holding them withIn us.
I hope we can do whatever the plan is for us- even if it means without our soulmates. We deserve to be happy but how and when? It would be nice if Paul and Raymond came up with a game plan for us until we meet them in eternity. Take care and Happy V day. Sending you hugs and my best!

Feb 09, 2012
by: Zoe

Oh Hope, that is what we are, you are Paul's wife, I am John's. I don't think there is anything wrong with that. I chose to be his wife. I do not see anything that would make me change my mind. He is my love.

Maybe that is what we get with time. The understanding that while the loss takes them from us, it does not change those core things that brought us to them, made us love them. Even when they did those things.. Like the time John decided to help decorate my Kitchen so he got his tool box and I came home to this Art Deco project on my kitchen wall where he had screwed screws in the wall and hung up ALL of my oven mitts. That is the man I love. Maybe that is how we survive because we know. We love them, and they us. And we are lucky women for that.

And yet we are not alone, we come here, knowing that there is always someone who is here with us.
This journey we are on. We did not choose it, but then we were lucky to choose good men to be with in our hearts.


Feb 09, 2012
Me Too!!
by: TrishJ

Gosh Hope. Why does Valentine's Day mean so much to we widows? I think it's really the hardest holiday for me. It almost seems silly. I'm so lonely but another man in my life is just too frightening right now. I think I'll send myself some flowers on Valentine's day. (I'm serious). Flowers always lift the spirit. Joe always sent me flowers. Yup 1-800-FLOWERS. I know it will make me feel better.
Hang in there. The thought of moving on in any aspect of my life still scares me. We both deserve to love again but isn't that easy is it?
Oh yeah.....let's have a drink on Valentines day and toast to Paul and Joe, two beautiful men who loved us and made us feel special.
Happy Valentine's Day.

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