I Will Forever Miss You My Little Miss Blue

by Geoffrey Campbell
(Scranton Pennsylvania USA 18510)

Miss Blue, oh how I love her, and oh how she loved me. She was white with a hint of blue, my sweet little parrotlet who was always with me. She would press her sweet little head into my fingers, and just keep pressing until I would caress her.
When I would talk to her, she would talk back, and just gaze into my face. If I asked her if she would like to go outside, she knew what I meant, and her chirp was a quick enthusiastic "Yes." I got to recognize her different chirps. When I would give in to her request to be held, she would give a low purr, showing her pleasure. If I had been gone for a couple of hours, upon arriving home she had this distinctive chirp that she only gave when expressing happiness and joy. She would also make this sound if I brought her the core of a sweet red bell pepper.
I have had many dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, and different types of birds, but none ever loved me as did my little Miss Blue. Now the only relief I have is when I fall asleep. When I awaken, her sweet little greetings will never fall upon my ears, her softly touching my ears in affection and little purrs will never be felt again.
I am handicapped, and no longer can have dogs and cats. For years I was lonely in my little room, but when she entered my life each day became joyful. If I may ask, please pray for me dear reader. Any sharing of personal loss, or words of encouragement would be appreciated, and help this wounded heart.

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Sep 02, 2011
Geoffrey & Miss Blue
by: RuthAnn

Geoffrey ... I am saddened by the loss you are feeling. Miss Blue sounds like she was an incredible little companion - and I can tell the two of you had a special bond. My heart goes out to you.

Sep 01, 2011
Little Miss Blue
by: Tracy

I am so sorry for your loss, I looked for your posting after you posted your thoughts on mine. I am Morris's mother. I know how sad you must be especially in your situation. My house is like an animal farm, we have a bird (cockitil), a rabbit, and two dogs (and my sweet Morris who we just lost). Each has their own special personality and I love each and everyone of them. I hope you are able to overcome your sadness and honor your little miss blue by giving another bird a chance to know you. Our animals are just like children and none can be replaced but our hearts our infinite and can hold love for many 'children'. There are so many that need our love and support. Stay strong and know I will say a prayer for you and for Miss Blue.

Jul 18, 2011
Miss Blue
by: Prince's Mom

May you find the strength to go on it a long journey but each day it get a little less painful, your baby is waiting for you on the other side, just be strong I do feel your pain and praying for you that you could one day look at this day and say to yourself it was her time to move on . Just take one step at a time in you will find peace in your heart as you so desire May god bless and keep you in your time of need .

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