I will love you for eternity my Child

by Geri B
(NJ )

I have read many of the truly sad stories here.Some have registered close to home. I sympathize with everyone who has lost someone they loved. My Son Who was 23 years old left this earthly world on January 15, 2013. So the Hurt and sadness of missing him so is still RAW. But I have something important to say. While it dosent help the pain of missing him, what gives me comfort is KNOWING beyound a shadow of a doubt. That it was his time to go to GOD. Believe me when I tell you that before each soul is born into the world, they have an agreement that they will be here for a certain amount of time. When that time is done they must go. THey are here to teach us. Were raised to beleive we are here to guide and teach them. That is partly true. BUT they are here for us. And God and they together choose their parents. They chose you. Why? why would God give us this wonderful gift and then rip it away? Because our souls made an agreement to do so. Understand, look into their life. Find the rich memories, the loving moments. how you have grown becasue of them. And sometimes the regrets weve learned from it all, Look at it this way. As much as I yearn for my Daniel, as much as the dark momnents are aganizing. Would I if given the choice have not have had him in my life if God Said, Ill wipe out his memory and youll feel no pain. would you go for the choice. NOt me, not on any day. not at any second. Not even with the hurt in the middle of the night for longing for him so. When they pass over, they become the energy and light and goodness around you. There spirit will always be beside you. Pray with you heart to feel their presence. they are there. My daniel is always near. And know this. They will be there when your time has come to meet you. Please beleive they are at peace. I know this becasue it is true.

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Mar 12, 2013
I will love you for eternity my child
by: Doreen U.K.

Geri Bless you for your wisdom to offer encouragement and strength to those who have lost a child and struggling with their feelings of loss and discouragement and questioning God WHY?.
You evidently know God in a deep way and have found acceptance in your loss.
Only Spiritually minded people can understand what you are saying and will be comforted by this. To those who have no knowledge of God and his kingdom now is your chance to get acquainted with the God who created you and has given us all the opportunity of eternal life and meeting our loved one's again. God is setting up a new kingdom of righteousness and those who know him will be in this kingdom. God did leave us comfort in our loss. But we have to go through the stages of grief till we receive God's healing. God did not want to let His Son Die. But he went to the cross for us to be saved from sin and Death which came as a result of sin. Our comfort is that God is with us in our suffering even if it doesn't feel like it at times. This is our Hope. None of us want to lose our children. But our children were given to us by God for our unique family. We have a job to do on this earth with them and they return to God who gave them to us. We don't own them. God does. We rejoice in the time's we spend with them and then release them to God at His appointed time. It is in this acceptance that we find Peace. BUT. It takes us some time to believe this. We cannot all process these thoughts immediately. Thank You Geri for this comfort to Bless us in our Loss and Grief.

Mar 11, 2013
I am so sorry
by: Amanda

Very sorry for your loss.. Your words lift my spirit, and take the hurt out of my chest.. God bless you for your words.. You seem so knowledgeable, and thou you are hurting, as you have a beautiful peace..

Mar 11, 2013
by: Anonymous

The soul is pure and endless light .the personality created here is different,it is learned by many teachers on earth. You apparently know your soul. I searched in many religions and found God within. God is not a religion,God is light and love.
So yes,our children's souls become just that which they were when born,pure again without the personality ... Our loss is the wonderful light their soul gave us. Thank you for sharing . We all have personalities too,that are taught many different things here on earth but witinn each one ~ as when born,light shines.

Mar 11, 2013
Our Children Await
by: Marie - UK

Your loss is unimaginable as the rest of ours. Thank you for your encouraging words. Much as it is hard to face reality in the midst of our greatest sorrows, we do have a choice as we live on. That is, to believe that God is not sitting up there deciding who should go first and who should stay behind. He is there to give us strength during our darkest times. When people say their prayers are with us, I have to believe that they are praying for the repose of the soul of the one who passed away. But, as you said, it is already a done deal- no amount of prayers will alleviate the soul or take it to another place. Our children are waiting for us and we have to appreciate the fact that they are guiding us whom they love. It would be better for us to pray for strength for those alive, specially those who have experienced this kind of loss. My son, also 23 years old, passed away four months ago. As one pastor said, we all go in through same door. Whatever happens before we go out of it is just details. May your belief give you strength.

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