I will see you again.....

by Kelly
(Perth WA Australia)

My dad. My hereo. My rock. My mentor.
Taken suddenly from me on the 10th of June last year, from a scratch on his leg, mistreated and turned septic, and he lapsed into a coma after enduring tremendous pain. His words to me always was "never give up baby". We had such a beautiful relationship despite what life dished up. I was crippled at 5 from a degenerative disease, which back in 1971 was a huge task for my parents to get me the best medical help as we lived in the country. I am healthy and fine now and have adopted my dads "never give up attitude". But I miss him like crazy. I feel ripped apart. He passed away two days after we buried my father in law, and 4 months ago buried my mother in law after looking after her the whole time in between. My dad helped me through when I was nursing my father in law through cancer. I have struggled to come to terms with life without dad. I am crying typing this - because I miss him so much.
The song by Westlife - I'll see you again..

Always... you will be part of me. And i will forever feel your strength when i need it most. Your gone now, gone but not forgotten i cant say this to your face but i know you hear. I'll see you again you never really left... I feel you walk beside me I know I'll see you again.
When im lost, and missing you like crazy. I tell myself im so blessed to have you in my life.
I'll see you again, you never really left. I feel you walk beside me, I know i'll see you again.
When I had the time to tell you,but never thought I would live to see the day, when the words I should have said will come to haunt me, in my darkest hours I tell myself, I will see you again.
I will see you again... you never really left, i feel you walk beside me, I know I will see you again. Someday, I will see you again...... I miss you like crazy. Your gone but not forgotten....

I thank the universe that I had a beautiful relationship with my dad, and nothing was left unsaid. He knew I adored him and I knew he adored me. I miss him.

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Aug 01, 2012
Thankyou Doreen
by: Kelly

Doreen you are so right, my relationship with my dear dad was pretty much "perfect". Sure I didnt have the "perfect" childhood parents, but to me they did the best they could. BUt always my dad was just the best. Because I was in calipers, and we lived in the country, he made me a pair of "splints" out of iron that he always said later in my life that they were "crude"... but it meant i could swim like all the other kids. He was larger than life and did not have an enemy in the world, he did not have a bad word to say about anyone (except himself)... Yes, I have been blessed. We have just endured both Bill's and Dad's 1yr anniversary, and both of their birthdays. All within a month.... so I have struggled through the last couple of months. I am absolutely dreading fathers day this year, last year we were both just numb....

I have the utmost respect for people like yourself who nurse their partners through cancer.... having done it for only 2 months. That takes strentgh and compassion beyond immaginable. Your husband would have loved you all the more... I actually trained up as a carer in May this year, but unfortunately it was too soon after losing Vera. So I only lasted 4 visits, as two were paliative. These people that do that for a living should be honoured. Love and Light to you and thankyou for creating a place for me to try and work through my grief and the aftershocks. Kel

Aug 01, 2012
I will see you again.......
by: Doreen U.K.

Kelly I am sorry for your loss of your father and your mother/law, father/law. It is a harder grief to bear for you since your father did not die of a terminal illness but through carelessness.
You had a good relationship with your father that some people just dream of. You will miss him greatly as a result. Having this happy stable relationship will help you in life with all your other relationships. You have been BLESSED.
It must have been hard being caregiver to your father-in-law as he suffered with cancer.
I was caregiver for over 3yrs. to my husband who was terminally ill with a deadly cancer which was aggressive, inoperable, incurable. It was hard to see someone you have loved for 47yrs. slowly die and be helpless to prevent this.
Living is hard now. LONELY, EMPTY. It will take a long time for grief to do its work and help us to find our way back.
I wish you all the best for the future and that you life will be happy again.

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