I wish i could hear him call me baby girl one more time!

by Michelle
(Enterprise, Alabama)

My dad died one month ago today July 15, 2014. I was the youngest of 3 and it was no secret that I was his favorite. My dad lived in Dallas and I live in Alabama so seeing him often was difficult. So we talked on the phone all the time. He was the biggest sports fan I knew. He taught me everything about football. It was our favorite time of the year. We would talk all day on Saturdays. I will miss that the most when football starts in a couple of weeks. I was my dads baby girl...he had no problem telling anyone that even though I'm 49. I miss the sound of his voice, I miss his dirty jokes that he thought were so funny. I miss him giving me advice about everything. I got to spend 2 days with him before he died. Those days are priceless. I video taped him telling me how much he loved me. I'd give anything to hear it one more time. I know he's watching over me but I want him back!!! Not sure how I will make it through today. I loved him so very much!!!!!! Forever his baby girl.

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Sep 02, 2014
missing my father too
by: anonymous

Hi Michelle,

I lost my father on July 9th this summer. I am the youngest of six, also a daughter, and even though we are all grown and I am in my thirties I also still felt like a kid around my dad. This is really hard. It's only been six weeks and I feel like everyone expects me to be over it. It was helpful to read your thoughts. I hope you and your family are doing as best as you can. I'm really sorry for your loss as well.

Aug 22, 2014
I wish i could hear him all be baby girl one more time
by: Jane

Dear Michelle, I am very sorry for loosing your Dad. I have lost my Mom 14 months ago, and pretty soon I will loose my best friend. I know it sounds crazzy, but very often I wish, heaven would have got a telephone. I would give all just for one more talk with my mom and you for your Dad. I believe, than the Football will start, your Dad is sitting on your side, and watches it too. You can´t see him, but he can see you. But maybe you can feel him right on your side and in your heart. Our loveones are now so Close to us, but without there Body. But the Body is only the cover and the Soul will live for ever. Til our time is come and we will see our loveones again. I know you miss the Body too and all the big hugs. Your Dad and you will always be together, because our love will never die. The love is binding you together for ever. Yes Michelle, I understand that you want your Daddy back. Every evening, when I talk to my Mom I cry and let her know, that I want her back so much. There is a big hole in our hearts and that hurts a lot.I understand that you would give anything for hearing your Daddy one more time, same do I. I would climb up the highest mountain of the world, just to see my Mom only one more time and talk to her. No way would be to far for me to see her. If were would be stairs to heaven or just a street, I am sure, I would find them. Please Michelle, just take one day after the other. And if there is one day there you can only cry than just do it. This is okay. The tears are healing your pains a little and tomorrow is tomorrow. Don´t even think about tomorrow. Just tell your Dad everything what is on your heart. He can hear you. He is on your side because he loves his Baby Girl so much too. He found his new home in your heart. Try to make him proud of you. He will always love you and be with you on your way. Maybe than you get quiet you can feel he is there. Right beside you. And he loves you, so much. May God take care of you and comfort you. Feel your self hugged from me. Jane

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