I wish I could turn back the clock and stopped my dad having an opperation

by Mark

My dad who I loved so much passed away 26th march just a few days after turning 60, no one knows why he passed away. He went into hospital 20th march for a knee replacement 26th march he died with no warning, he adopted us 26th aug 2000 and treated us really well. He gave me my first car being a discovery 1 year ago, he always told me not give up, and to carry on driving. But he did every think and anythink for us. He I will always love and miss as he was and still the greatest dad I could ever ask for. I just hope he is resting knowing we will always love him to bits, evety time I listen to nelly furtdo (all good things) the song I played at his funaural, makes me cry so much, when I am driving alone, I play the song as even my mum and sister also cry when they hear the song.
But I and my mum and sister are finding every task hard, couping without dad is not easy. Day dad passed away our landlord put the rent up as soon as heard my dad had passed, I lost my job an4d even the car dad gave to me went to scrap as it blow. Every think happens in one it. 4 death within a few month of one another al in my family. R.I.P to my dada and my other family including my brother who saddly died 25 years ago.

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Aug 09, 2012
I wish I had asked more questions at my father's preoperative appointments about the dangers of knee surgery.
by: Anonymous

My father recently had knee replacement surgery and died, too. The doctors don't know what happened either. Like you, I wish I had told my dad not to have the operation. I believe more people need to know that people die from this type of surgery. We are so sad, and wish we had researched the surgery along with our father. He was not a gambling man and if we had pointed out how age was a huge factor in bad outcomes from knee surgery, he would not have had the surgery and would be alive today.

Jul 30, 2012
I wish I could turn back the clock and stopped my dad having an operation.
by: Doreen U.K.

Mark I am sorry for your loss of your Dad from a simple knee operation. It is so hard to understand how a simple routine operation can cause someone to die. Wasn't there a post mortem? This is the only way to determine cause of death. I didn't think a death certificate could be issued without cause of death as this needs to be recorded on the death certificate. Suspicious circumstances needs to be ruled out.
Your grief will be great due to this sudden death.
It is usually anaesthetic's that are a problem and could cause someone to die during an operation. Because you live in England I am aware of the difficulties we are now facing here in the U.K. They will not operation on people who are overweight. If one is overweight they will not be offered an operation till this changes.
since you have had 4 deaths in your family you may need to see a grief counsellor to support you as you be stuck in grief having gone through 4 deaths in a short time you need to make sure that you grieve each loss otherwise it will affect your life. What a cruel way to treat someone in grief by putting up the rent so soon. Take one day at a time and try to accomplish only what you can for this day. Life may be complex and difficult for some time to come. I am glad that you had a good relationship with your dad. This will carry you through some very difficult days ahead. I hope that in the days ahead you will be able to get the support you need and be in a happier place.

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