i wish i could turn back time

my grandfather died back in march and it was a real shock as it was a short death. but i keep telling myself how it is better how he did not suffer. what hurts the most is that i did not see him much. the day i found it he might die soon had been about 2 months since i saw him and it was not really a long visit that is what hurts the most. for the first few weeks i would always cry then it stopped and i accepted it but all of a sudden it happened again but now its always on my mind and i just feel sad all the time. the day im dreading is fathers day and his birthday cause i dont know how i will handle it ! and now i feel my self questioning my faith more than ever ! but i have to keep telling myself as he smoked and drank most of his life to live to 89 is pretty good

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Jun 21, 2012
I wish I could turn back time
by: Doreen England U.K.

Dear Broken Hearted,
You have every right to grieve the loss of your grandfather. What hurts you most is that you did not get to spend more time with him and now you can't get that time back. Everyone feels this way. It is part of the grief. My son feels the same way as his father died 6 weeks ago and he said the same thing.
You feel sad all the time. It is normal grief. You can do something to help yourself. You could talk it over with a bereavement counsellor, and you could keep a journal and write out your feelings in the form of a letter to your grandfather each day so that you can express yourself here and write as often as you need to. It can be every day. If you are losing your faith it could be because you are angry with God and this is natural and will soon stop.
You also say your grandfather lived to 89yrs. This is a good age to live to and it was probably his time to die. My father is 91yrs of age. I will feel sad when he dies, but then I know that God gives us our life span and I would have to accept this. What is unbearable for me is that my husband Steve lived to 65yrs. and then died before my Dad and my Dad is unhappy about this. But then it is up to God. We miss the person we loved. We miss all the familiar things. We don't want our lives to change. It hurts like HELL. We don't want to go on living without our loved one. Some of us want to exit this world soon to be with our loved one. This is normal grief. It won't always be this way. Change takes time. We have to go through it. I hope that these words help you and that you will be happy again and let go of the guilt you are feeling. Best wishes.

Jun 21, 2012
Turning Back Time
by: Anonymous

He did have a good long life AND God called him home. Please find peace and acceptance in that. We are all going to die and even tho we know that we have to it's still sad for those who are left behind.
It's hard not seeing them, being able to pick up the phone and call them or be able to just shout out something to them in the other room.
I'm sure he is looking down on you and glad that you loved him enough to still be missing him.

Turning back time doesn't mean it would be any different because we would be the same person as we were then. we need to make the best of life while we are here and live a life with good character for God.

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