I wish you were here

My grandma passed away 8 years ago and every day when I think of her I miss her and wish she was here. Tomorrow is my 16th birthday and I really wish she could be here to celebrate with me and see get my driving license. I know she would be proud of me.
From time to time I would cry myself to sleep missing her and how life would be different if she was here but for some reason tonight I feel really depressed and sad that she wont be here tomorrow to say happy birthday. I keep cry and every rememberance of her just makes me cry and wish she was here. I love her so much and remember every moment I spent with her and I really wish I can speak with her.
Before she died I was the last person she talked to but I never got the chance to actually say bye. I remember the last time I saw her in hospital and when I found out she passed. I would do anything to see her right now.
Idk why I'm so upset, instead of feeling excited that my birthday is tomorrow I feel sad depressed and empty. I really want to enjoy my birthday but I feel that I can't because she's not here. Idk what and how to make the pain at ease I just really miss her and write this just makes me want to cry even more and more.
To my Grandma:
I love you soooo much and every day especially now I wish you were here with me. Maybe if you were things would've been different we wouldn't have to have gone through so much pain of living without you.

I know ur watching from above but I really want to see you hug you and want you to say happy birthday to me.<3

I love u

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Nov 12, 2012
I wish you were here
by: Doreen U.K.

HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY!!! I am sorry for your loss of your grandmother. Grief is so painful but for one so young as you is most difficult and hard to bear. This is the saddest part of losing someone is that they aren't around anymore to celebrate all the good times we want to share with them.
I lost my husband to cancer 6 months ago and I feel so very sad over the same thing. My husband is not here to celebrate Christmas or any other important event. I can't talk to him anymore and share things with him. So I know how you feel. I never knew my grandmother, so I don't have any good memories to miss. She lived in another country. But I lost my mother 9 years ago and life is getting more lonely as families get smaller. Crying is part of our grief and as long as you can cry you will soon HEAL from your loss. Try and keep a journal and write in this as if you were writing letters to your grandmother, or you were talking to her. this is very healing.

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