If Only God Would Give Us One More Day To Do Things Right Mother Would Still Be here?

by Elizabeth Arredondo
(Victorville, Ca. )

First I would like to say is Thank You from deep down in my heart for people like you that give us people the opportunity to hear your story and im sure it is the hardest and most of all private thing you share with us the readers who are looking for answers to questions that now have answers and for me that is how i came across this page and with all due respect I would like to share my story about my dearest mother who passed away on Sunday, Jan. 25, 2010 and very suddenly I find my self every day since finding out the exact cause of her death I keep telling my self and believe very strongly that she didn't have to die the way she did I know now that she always complained of chest pain and she was a member at Hospital who seem to always be spending her time with different doctors for other illnesses she had but I ask How could they have missed her complaints and why nothing was done about it. Yes she had other diseases high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid and high cholesterol and she was also epileptic in all she had to take medications for and thats why I cant except or even come to terms with that she died due to her main artery bursting one day before her EGD procedure due to her have a small cough and vomiting reflexes. Still she was only 62 years old, a very active lady and healthy we thought so what went wrong? My father and I don't talk about the Sunday morning she was rushed to the hospital in mid afternoon considered already brain dead by the ER doctor and Why I wasn't told until 9:00 pm that night that my mom had to be rushed to the hospital early that sunday so when I arrived to her side the doctor said that there was nothing else they could do for her and that she wasn't going to get better in fact that the machines were helping her live and her brian had no activity I couldn't believe what I was hearing and to have her in front of me looking the way she did I turned to my father and asked him why did he just now send my brother to get me for what reason wasn't i told right when it all happened he looked at me and said nothing. That is when I felt my mother slip away exactly at 10:30 pm that sunday as if she was waiting for me to arrive by her side I still don't understand exactly what went on from the time she arrived to the hospital till the moment I got there. She was kept on life support until monday 12:00 midnight was the last breath she gave and I felt with my head on her chest begging her to come back to me that she wasn't done raising us and how I still needed her guidance now that I had my boys but god took her enyways... so now my life has been living with the question Why was it missed and how she didn't have to die so suddenly?? Oh and to make matters worse.. since her side of the family couldn't except her sudden death they hired a private investigator to finalize her cause of death and since word of mouth by one of my female cousins who started all that drama went around saying that her and I got together and planed to bring my father down for her death he believed it for 1 full year and completely disowned me he no longer had a daughter but its been 9 months since I finally convinced him that it was all lies about me being involved in that so the investigation concluded that it was natural causes and my father had nothing to do with her death....so much has happened after her passing that if she were here to see it she still wouldn't believe how much she ment and made a difference in our daily life's I miss her and wish I could of done more for My Mother Imelda may she rest in peace... I Love You you're daughter Liz Arredondo

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Oct 01, 2012
If only God would give us one more day to do things right mother wuld still be here?
by: Doreen U.K.

Elizabeth I am sorry for your loss of your mother to a sudden death. A sudden death affects the grief more, so If you are finding things difficult then please go and see a grief counsellor. I don't know why funerals often bring out the worst in family members. Often behaviour that you wouldn't think possible or associate with certain members of family.
It just adds to the grief and causes one more unneccesary pain.
It is such a pity that the trouble caused by lies from your cousin caused you to be distanced from your father for such a long time especially when you both needed each other and supporting each other would have helped your grief. When my husband died 5 months ago from cancer his brother's daughter caused so much trouble we had to get the police in for support from harassment. We suffered more pain from my nieces lies. It just added to our grief and was totally unnecessary pain. I am learning not to fight battles of this sort. You can't win when lies are told. Just stand still and let God fight this battle. This way the injury stops and healing begins when you do nothing. some battles I do fight to vindicate myself. BIG MISTAKE. You can go to the ends of the earth to clear your name and often you just run yourself into the ground trying to do this with very little results. I hope that in time you will heal from your loss of your mother and that you will be able to move into a good relationship with your father and establish a good bond. We will never get over the loss of our mother's. WE just learn to live with it in time. Grief is the long process we all go through and wish it would end quickly so we could have better days. This too will come.

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