by tumi

this sunday others will be calebrating mother's day and this day to me just turns out to be a painfull reminder of the word i used more than any other in my vocabulary "mother". i think about my mother most of the times and am not gona sit here and lie that it gets beter because sometimes it doesnt, i realised that the only time i am beter is when i have shifted my mind from the idea that i dont have a mother but when reality kicks in the whole thing just comes back, the pain feeling fresh like it happened just now and i realise i am never gona see her again all that i am thinking is if only she was here if only i can still use the word mother and hear a response if only i can have a chance to feel her in my arms..being tough does not help at all,it does help to be honest about your pain and allow yourself to realy feel it..

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May 22, 2012
by: Ivy

hey thanks for your advice tumi.. i guess these days i'm pretty lost. its like no one really understands what its like.. my mom was so proud of me and now no one will ever be as proud of me as she was.. well, I would really like to talk to you sometime.. if you have a facebook mine is ivy da silva. the one the that says studied in the university of santo tomas is me =) id give you my email but i try to avoid spam messages.

May 19, 2012
if only
by: tumi

dear ivy
you should be proud of your achievements girl,its the only thing that you can own and it might take decrease your pain some day, because at the ebd your qualification will do thing that was supposed to be done by your mom.. love you girl, if you wanna talk or just need motivation il be happy to help, keep well much love..from tumi

May 16, 2012
by: Ivy

Hey Tumi, sorry to hear that but I am really amazed at your strength and courage through this. My mother died on my last year of college...I felt she only had to wait 3 months til my graduation but she didnt make it... my graduation day sucked. i was trying to be proud of myself but i was not happy. the whole time i wanted the ceremony to end. i told my brother i should not have attended because even if everyone says my mom is looking down on me and is proud of me she not there with me on the stage and she was the only one who was super proud of me graduating.. she was the only one who would have felt the kind of pride that a parent would. Now i dont know what to do with my life. My mom was my life, she guided me and helped me and now Im not sure of anything. When i received my diploma I felt nothing, i dont really feel proud or happy that I graduated bec shes not here with me....

May 14, 2012
by: tumi

HEY NADIA,this is tumi and thanks a lot for your comment,the day has passed and may our always rememberd mothers know that we love and miss them so much.there are lots of things i can about my mother and talking to people whom i know understand does help.I'm 21 years old with a degree under my belt and soon to be finishing my honours degree and this is what keeps me going. my mother passed away when i was doing grade 11 and since that day i told myself that education is the only thing thats gonna make things right and i think sometimes look at my mom's pictures and i smile for i know that she is proud of me for whaT I am trying to achieve, so try to do the best that you can as if she is there for i know that in most cases ww do what we do to make our parents happy so though she is not around i am sure that somewhere somehow your still connected to her. keep well fellows...

May 13, 2012

you are wise beyond your years tumi. i feel exactly the same. i miss my mom too. i miss her so much that i am actually sick of hearing it in my head. over and over and over again. i guess that is just the way it is supposed to hurt. at least we know just how much we loved each other. cause other wise we wouldnt hurt so much.
stay strong friendy. from a fellow no-mother-day.

May 12, 2012
It is mother's day
by: Nancy

It is a celebration for all mother's - "MOTHER'S DAY". I, like you don't have a mother around to celebrate mother's day with - however, I can spend time looking at photos, talking with siblings, and sharing with others just how important she was to me. I agree there are moments of pain - but I chose not to stay there. My mother, was not the best mother = but she was my mom and she did what she could to help shape me into a kind, caring, loving, compassionate person. I know that your mom did her best to love equip you to be the best person you can be - so celebrate - "mother's day - and realize that the pain that you are experiencing now are growing pains - only because you are still in the process of becoming the person - your mom has challenged you to become. So go enjoy......

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