Im 16 and my mum passed away suddenly

by Kalan Coupar
(Reading, Berkshire, England)

on the 6th of april 2013 my mum passed. I remember waking up and choosing a horse, with my little 5 year old brother, each to bet on for the grand national. This was sort of a tradition as we had done it every year. Afterwards i remember going into my room and putting on saving private ryan and asking her to come watch it with me, as i know it was one of her favorite films. She did so and decided to bring her mirror, hair dryer and straighteners into my room and get ready for when her boyfriend pick her up, around 2pm. I remember her delaying her make up as she knew she would cry, as she used to say it was because she had a heart. I remember her contemplating vin diesel ,AGAIN, saying that he is a babe and all sorts. When she had done we sat down and watched some more of the film before her boyfriend came. I remember her calling up the stairs saying "im going sweetheart see you soon love you lots" and i replied "love you too and bye".. This happened to be the last time i saw or spoke to her, which in the manor that it happened is priceless. Seeing her beautiful smile and face as she made herself looking even more amazing then she already did, whilst watching her favirote film with me is amazing, and that memory is worth more to me then any money in the world.

My mum was an amazing mum, and i sometimes took her for granted. Now she is gone i cant stop feeling guilty, angry, sad and always asking myself what if i did that or did this. My mum was always there for me and although i have amazing friends and family i dont know how i am ever going to get over my mums death.

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Apr 26, 2013
wish I could just hug you
by: Janne Marissa

That was such a beautiful message I'm sure your mom would be proud to have raised such a caring and wonderful daughter I wish I could climb through the internet just to give you a hug your strength is inspiring

Apr 14, 2013
Im 16 and my mum passed away suddenly
by: Doreen U.K.

Kalan I am sorry for your loss of your mum to a sudden death. My mum lived in Berkshire and died 10yrs. ago. My sister lives in Berkshire. lovely part of England. You are so young but very mature. You had a golden moment with your Mum that was so Special and you will have FOREVER. Part of the way you are feeling now with feeling sad, lonely, angry, and guilty is all part of grief. A grief counsellor may be able to help you cope with the loss of your mum if you are worried about how you are going to live without her. I am a Mum and as a mother I wouldn't expect anything more of my children than what they were able to give. WE all as human beings can take each other for granted. Because we think that our loved one's will always be there. As old as I am I thought I would have my husband forever. He died 11 months ago and I am feeling sad, lonely, and angry at the cancer that claimed his life. You will learn each day that we can go on in life and do our best and still miss the one we have lost. You will have good days and bad days. It is those bad days of grief that grab us. But they don't last. Thank God they are short lived. Otherwise none of us would survive our grief and loss of loved one. There is nothing that you could have said or done to make things better. This is part of grief and we all have the same feelings. If they don't get better. See a counsellor. You can also keep a journal and write out your feelings and even letters to your mother each day. You will have this forever and you also heal from this type of writing. You expel the sadness when you write and sometimes put things into some perspective. You are so young to lose a mum and so I hope you have someone to care for you who is supportive and will help you through your grief. It will take TIME. You will get through this grief and Heal from your loss.

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