I'm broken

by Catbarnes

My nan passed away in March if last yr and I still haven't come to terms with her death. I went to see her in the chapel of rest to say my goodbyes and I thought it would help me come to terms with it but nothing u have done us making things easier. I have admitted myself to grievance counselling and in the last 18 months to no avail.
I have also been seeking help with a spiritualist because I have always been able to see or hear the dead from a young age and yet as hard as u try u cannot seem to get any contact with her and I feel as if she is angry with me for not going to see her. The day before she died I said to my partner I was going to take the children up to see her. She passed before I got the chance to personally say goodbye and I feel like I will carry that for the rest if my life. I just wish I could have one more conversation with her :(

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Oct 27, 2013
I'm Broken
by: Doreen UK

It take time to grieve and because you are still suffering after one year means that you are struggling with guilt. Because you don't get results from the Spiritualist does not mean your Nan is angry with you. It just means that you need to not try too hard to cope with your loss. I am sad for you not getting the results from grief counselling. You may have had a counsellor who was not right for you and you found it hard to work with them. In a short time you would have known if your were moving forward and the counselling was working. What you need to do is to have a word with the grief counsellor's supervisor and tell them you did not get any benefit from your counselling and now feeling worse and ask if you can see another counsellor. Often counsellors can make one feel worse if they have the wrong one. Counsellors have to be supervised so that they don't transfer their own issues to their clients. I not only had counselling but I understand the dynamics and also worked 8yrs. for a counselling charity. 18 months to be in counselling and not benefit from this is not right. You can also seek a counsellor from another firm. But don't give up. Counselling Works if you get the right person. You can also talk to God and invite him into your life and He is our Comforter in our sorrow and grief. I have a strong Faith and can testify that God cares and He is always with us but does not intrude. He accepts invitations into our lives and He does carry us through life and all our trials and tribulations.

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